Nasutoceratops Competition


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Hi everyone,

With the release of update 1.9 and the Nasutoceratops, we've got a brand new competition for you! If you'd like to be in with a chance to win a free copy of one Jurassic World Evolution DLC of your choice on your preferred platform, take a look below!

We'd like to see your best Nasutoceratops photo! So get your creative hats on, get into Capture Mode and go take some amazing shots! You can use as many dinosaurs in the image as you like, but keep in mind the Nasutoceratops should be the "star" of the photo. Once you're happy with what you've created, send it over to us via email at, and we'll announce the winner on our social channels on 10 September 2019.


Competition Rules:
  1. You must email your image to by 11PM UTC, 08 September 2019 with the subject: "JWE: Nasutoceratops Competition"
  2. Your image must be no larger than 4MB and should be submitted as a JPEG or PNG
  3. Only ONE entry per person
  4. Your screenshot must contain the Nasutoceratops
  5. No offensive content will be permitted
  6. Please do not submit any reproductions of content outside of the Jurassic World or Jurassic Park franchise
  7. Your entry must abide by the competition terms and conditions
  8. Competition winner can state ONE DLC of their choice on their preferred platform as the prize
Hi ! Who won the contest ? I didn’t see any message about it. Thank you !
Maybe it got cancelled, many competitions on Frontier's social media pages haven't declared a winner, take planet zoo for instance each week they make a competition in facebook but they never declare who won. But if you read the terms and conditions, it is absolutely within their power to cancel an ongoing competition any time they want.
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