Natural enrichment items and other ideas

I would love some natural looking enrichment items because having a bright yellow blue and pink sprinkler in my exhibit, which btw has rock wall and an overall natural feel ruins the affect Whether the enrichment items are disguised as rocks or whether waterfalls or streams for swimming are washing give some enrichment. Either way I’d be happy I’m sure FD are hard at work at things such as these and how to implement them.

Also I think another one of my wishlist contributions could be incorporated here as I said live food such as rabbits etc. May make the animal have some enrichment/positive effect as it makes it feel more wild and real.

Do you agree?
Tell me your opinion below any contributions are great help...
Totally agree for enrichment items that are less garish - for live food though, this is not done in zoos (at least in developed countries) as far as I am aware - (except insects as live food - e.g., crickets or mealworms). Most countries have very strict animal welfare laws that mean you can't feed live vertebrates to other animals.
I just wanted to post the exact same wish like the OP.
I also think there should be more enrichment items that don't look so obviously synthetic. I don't really like having those colorful balls and stuff like this in my enclosures.
Regarding the OP's suggestion for "disguised enrichment Items": I can imagine this already works. Probably you only have to place small rocks on top of the sprinkler. But maybe the sprinkler water has unit collision with other objects...
I definitely agree with this! Having enrichment items that feel/look a bit more natural (even if it's just a simple option to change the colors) would be really welcome.
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