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Welcome to Naturoscope,
Nature up close...


Located on the outskirts of the town of Poitiers, in central France, Naturoscope was born with the aim of becoming a reference for a new zoo model according to the 21st century. The maximum expressions of contemporary architecture are blurred in a park where nature is the main protagonist. A park that proposes a tour around the world to discover its bioclimatic regions and the species that inhabit them.

Come to Naturoscope and discover the natural world in all its magnitude.

Updates coming every week!

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#1 The main entrance


It's Saturday and, as usual, many families in Poitiers and other villages in France have decided to spend the day visiting Naturoscope.

The main entrance to the park is directly connected to a small two-lane road, split in two by a central roundabout. This roundabout, characterized by a sculpture of an American bison designed by a renowned local artist, gives access to a parking area of very recent construction. So recent, it's not even in use yet!


Until the new access roads are fully operational (and the bus service is running), visitors can reach the zoo from the main pedestrian avenue, or from smaller concrete pathways that cross the parking area.


With a contemporary and minimalist design, the entrance to Naturoscope only stands out for the vivid colors of the park logo, a logo full of meaning that perfectly combines the characteristics that make Naturoscope a unique zoo. Don't worry, you'll understand why soon.


This building has multiple windows for ticket selling and an information booth where visitors can make inquiries about their visit to Naturoscope, the club members, among other things.


As can be seen in the picture above, not far from the entrance to Naturoscope are two large white modern buildings very similar to each other. They are not part of the zoo, but of the University of Poitiers. They are the "Campus Zoo" buildings U¹ and U², the new headquarters of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.


Built at the same time as Naturoscope, the "Campus Zoo" was created with the aim of offering the opportunity to convert Naturoscope's zoological and botanical facilities into new and unique learning classrooms and alive labs in which to investigate a wide variety of scientific fields.


In the next update we will cross the gates of Naturoscope to discover its most remarkable architectural jewel and more interesting details! Do not miss it!

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#2 A Global Center


On top of a hill stands an imposing monument, the Global Center building.

Clad in steel and glass, the Global Center consists of a large three-story ring-shaped building. Despite its size and advantageous position over the rest of Naturoscope and its surroundings. Its minimalist design, without vibrant colors, and its windows that reflect the blue of the sky, make its silhouette dilute on the horizon and go virtually unnoticed during the visit to Naturoscope. It is also a fully eco-friendly building, as it is mostly energetic self-sufficient thank to a big number of photovoltaic solar panels in its roof.

A wide entrance leads visitors to the set of turnstiles to the zoo, where they must validate their tickets, and once inside the Global Center, they can decide if they prefer to walk on three different circular paths.


The outer road is dedicated to all kinds of services for visitors, where the point of restoration stands out from which you can access the picnic area.


The innermost path of the ring, next to the extraordinary windows that offer views of the central garden, are an ideal space to fulfill one of the main functions of the Global Center, serves as an fantastic and bright exhibition hall.


The central garden that I mentioned is still under development and is not yet accessible to the public, but promises to be a unique example of contemporary gardening. An ideal space to relax and fall in love with plant beauty.


The central road, wider than the others, allows you to travel comfortably to access the animal park.


At the opposite end of the Global Center entrance, this path descends to a lower level.


From there, a colorful tunnel is responsible for transporting each of the guests to a unique adventure, where they will temporarily leave France to travel through the most amazing ecosystems of all the world.


In the next update we'll meet one of the most extreme brioclimatic regions in our planet. Put on you coat, because it's getting cold! ❄ Stay tuned!


As always, thank you so much for your kind comments, friends! They mean a lot!
@Founchou: Hey, Founchou! Naturoscope will follow its very own decoration style. :)
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