Naval only ships / fighters, and bringing CQC styled action into the main game


In the lore, there's always talk about naval versions of ships that are and aren't available to players.
For example, the ASP Explorer is a civilian derivative of the ASP MkII. Stuff like that.

I was thinking, FDev could possibly merge CQC into the main game simply by:

  • Introducing Naval versions of the SLFs. Or maybe even new navy only fighters that players cannot purchase
  • These Naval fighters would be equipped with Supercruise-only capable FSDs, so players can whiz around the system, but not jump out of it.
  • They may also be equipped with built-in Interdictors for interception missions.
  • They will also be more heavily armed and armored than SLFs, while retaining about the same speed and maneuverability.
How to merge CQC into the main game?

  • Allow factional or Powerplay missions that require the players to fly an assigned Naval fighter but only for the duration of that mission.
  • The missions could be in the same system only, so the players need only to START the mission, and he gets put into the Naval fighter and launch from a Small pad.

  • Missions will require the player to launch from the station, or megaship, or surface base, and fly to the target, destroy it (because that's what a navy does), and then back home again to complete it successfully/
  • They will fly only ships suitably assigned by the faction, for the mission. Just like fighters, they would have been pre-outfitted, and the player has no choice in the config.
  • Players can wing up with other cmdrs, or if in Solo/Group, they can be assigned NPC wingmen.
    Assume that NPC Wingmen will form up with the player after he launches

On the other side, there could be an opposing mission set, also with same conditions above, for players to play for an opposing side. To defend the target, especially. As that is most viable. If the instancing places players on opposing side, then you will see PVP. Otherwise it would be mostly PVE.

Whatever the players involved destroy, will contribute to both their Combat rankings, as well as their CQC rankings.
CQC points awarded are doubled, if the kill happens to be another player.

Yes I know CQC is meant to involved arena based PVP combat. But it's almost a lost cause right now.
This idea might bring more people to fly faction or PP missions.

Key thing is that they do not risk a rebuy for dangerous and tricky missions. And risky missions without impact to your own pocket is always a fun thing.
Remember old combat flight sims like Falcon, or the Microprose series, where you flew a single fighter deep into enemy territory to kill something?
The risk was great. But hey, it was mission by mission, and you didn't lose anything except career progression.

Wouldn't this be an incentive for more people to take on missions for factions and powers?

All they stand to lose, is a bit of time, a bit of reputation, and maybe a bit of pride if they get killed by another better player.


Next, on to Naval ships. Perhaps NPC only naval variants of existing ships, even new designs, could be introduced into the game, and given to Elite Naval forces that are deployed to go after highly notorious commanders, or maybe even CZs. And maybe even fight on the players' side in Thargoid CZs.

These ship should, as with the naval fighters, be more heavily armed and armored than what players can do, but still retain the same maneuverability.
It's the same IRL. The military will always get better combat hardware than civilians.
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