Navigating the Crab Nebula Labyrinth

For those of you interested in reaching the Crab Nebula and Pulsar, I can now safely confirm that the minimum jump range needed to do so without using boosts (AKA "jumponium") is 23.88LY.

Here is a screenshot I took of the longest jump needed (heading back out) showing the relevant stellar systems...

The next longest jump needed, as I recall, was 22.2LY.

I will be logging my route on the way back out and posting it here for others to use if they want. It was impractical for me to do so while finding a way in since I tried so many dead end paths.



Here is the simplified economic plotted requisite route I took out of the Crab Nebula region. As tested, you should be able to reverse this course fairly easily and be able to plot to the Crab Sector DB-W B2-0 stellar system coming from up toward the galactic plane and core when heading to the Crab Nebula and Pulsar.

Crab Pulsar → Crab Sector FW-W C1-1

Crab Pulsar → DL-Y D10 (9.14LY), DL-Y D10 → EG-Y E1 (7.14LY), EG-Y E1 → FW-W C1-1 (19.10LY)

Crab Sector FW-W C1-1 → Crab Sector DB-X C1-1

FW-W C1-1 → DB-X C1-1 (23.88LY, longest jump needed)

Crab Sector DB-X C1-1 → Crab Sector DB-W B2-0

DB-X C1-1 → GH-U B3-0 (14.90LY), GH-U B3-0 → HH-U B3-0 (19.32LY), HH-U B3-0 → DB-W B2-0 (22.16LY, second longest jump needed)

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Yeah, that's an option too, and I suppose an Asp would do alright... ;)

Not really my style though. I was trying to make it using a jump range of only 22.26LY as I prefer to not use "jumponium" and I'm using my combat capable explorer Vulture, the Ronin.

It coincidentally happened to work out for me to get there anyway as I had enough material left over from my previous dealings with a couple of the Engineers to be able to make two small FSD range boosts, one into and one out of the local stellar systems of the Crab Pulsar. I would not have been able to make it with my jump range of 22.26LY alone. Had I known that ahead of time, I would have made additional changes to my ship's loadout before heading out on the Crab Nebula Expedition of 3302.

The goal of this thread is to assist those in the future who wish to reach the Crab Nebula and Pulsar by letting them know the definitive minimum range requirement and to provide them with an optional route that does not exceed that range requirement while navigating through what I'm choosing to call the "Crab Nebula Labyrinth."

Cheers. :)
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Since the main portion of the CNE is now over, I have decided to stay within the local stellar group (stellar systems within 23.88LY of their closest neighbor) of the Crab Pulsar for the time being before heading back out.

I will still be updating the OP with route data as planned after heading out, though it won't be as soon as I had first expected.

Well done, Commanders! o7

OP updated with route and distance information. [up]

Happy trails, Commanders.


PS: No, there was no stone left unturned for me to discover and leave my mark on within the 30 local Crab Nebula systems, not that I was really expecting there to be. Didn't stop me from detail surface scanning everything anyway. [knocked out]
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Thanks for posting this. I am on route to the Crab Nebula now, approaching from the Soul Nebula along the lower edge of the arm. I don't foresee too many challenges with a 49LY jump range, but always good to have info.
Thanks. Yeah, you should be fine and can likely plot straight to the Crab Pulsar with that kind of range. [up]

For my ship with a range of 22.26LY (combat loaded exploration Vulture with the tier 5 FSD Engineer range mod), it was a lot harder finding a route in, navigating around the nebula and actually took me a few play sessions over a couple of days to sort it out. Was afraid I might not be able to make it there for a while. Pretty straightforward heading back out though as there was really only one route to take before I could plot my way off automatically.

I got lucky with the second longest jump needed of 22.16LY being 0.10LY less than my ship's range and only having enough jumponium for 2 tier 1 boosts to make the longer jump in and back out again.

Close one, but worked out beautifully in the end.

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For those of you interested in reaching the Crab Nebula and Pulsar, I can now safely confirm that the minimum jump range needed to do so without using boosts (AKA "jumponium") is 23.88LY.
That's great, my Asp X is getting a 30Ly range as equipped. Thanks for the post.
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