Navigation - Mark Stars using Cockpit Centre Dot

Though I am not an explorer, I just pondered an idea whilst mindlessly drifting into deep space for my Proto Heat Radiators and thought Explorers and even other folk may benefit from the feature suggestion listed below.

Seeing as all the stars you can visibly see are real locations within the game, would it be possible to create a hotkey so that I can place my cockpit centre dot on a star and click said hotkey and have it mark the destination/next jump? I noticed a collection of stars that looked nice and tried to figure out their location, but I cannot. Quite a few times I have wanted to know what star or nebula I am looking at, and while you can generally find said nebula, there's a slim chance you will locate that star cluster. It would also be a cool feature for those hardcore enough to navigate the stars by just looking and knowing where they are and selecting their destination or next jump in space without needing to enter the map or navigation panel. I for one would love to try to get to my destination by just clicking stars in that rough direction.

I can see there being a problem with accurately choosing the star in question, but I hope said hotkey feature has a ranging selector so I can tell it to only select stars within 50 Ly in that direction and cycle through or even have a more advanced option to only select stars between 2000 Ly and 5000 Ly. If the game can clearly see there is only one star bright enough, then auto-select that one first.

I know some will think 'meh' to this idea, but it's the little things that count towards how people enjoy a game.
I always wanted this...especially back when you could only plot a couple hundred light years on the galaxy map.
It would be nice but seeing as the sky box is a 2d image generated from your location data it has no coordinate information, try flying a light year in space near a nebula, you will see it doesn't change at all, so flying around a solar system should create subtle changes in the background skybox for nearby stars, since it doesn't do that any selection of nearby stars would be incorrect the further you fly from your entry point.
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