Need a few good wingmen

Newish player looking for clan/group to enjoy Elites multi-faceted offering on PS4 platform. Im interested in all modes of play (yes including mining). Love to play supporting roles in groups. Ill even watch your back in a combat ship while you mine. Im just a team player that is tired of all the solo play in MMOs. No faction preferences as yet cause I haven't learned that much about them. If this sounds like someone you could get along with. Id be happy to fly with any of you. Heads up, stay Dangerous, See you in the stars CMDRs. O7
Hi Commander!

There are many great wings, but feel free to come and join us at The Fatherhood

We have over 300 members now, with almost a 100 of us on PS4, across all the time zones and we have some avid explorers, miners, combat pilots and mystery hunters amongst our ranks.

We are a friendly, community focused group for any pilot and would love to have you join us, if you so wish. We have an active Discord we use to chat aswell as social media. Its a fun laid back group.

All the details you need are in THIS thread, including links to the PS4 community page

Take care and hope to see you out there CMDR

We, at The Silver Thrusters are a PS4 exclusive group which is very active.
Most weekends we have events that introduce members to parts of a game they’re usually not familiar with, but as a wing, will support all participation in.
Next week, we have a team of ten heading out to The Formidine Rift, you’re welcome to tag along and see if we’re right for you.
As independents, we don’t participate as a wing in Powerplay but you’re free to do that if you wish.
We have explorers, traders, brawlers & bug hunters in most time zones. Whatever your play choice is, we have a helpful crew who love winging up for something.
Shoot me a PM and I’ll get you in our Private Group immediately, and links to our other information. Here’s our Inara page.....

We have a very chatty Discord also which we can send an invite to later.
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The Patriarchs are a Patriotic, US Based (though all countries are welcome), Community, NOW OPEN TO ALL ELITE DANGEROUS PLATFORMS, designed with the Working Man in mind. We are a Casual gaming community for Husbands, Dads, College Guys, and Career Guys simply trying to balance Life, Work, Wife/Girlfriend, Class, and maybe a couple kids. The struggle is real, folks. And we all need a little down time. How you spend that time is totally up to you! Exploring the depths of Space, thinning out that nasty nest of Pirates, monitering Thargoid activity, or simply shuttling passengers to new destinations. We understand if you can't always be on or make an event, and with us, it won't be held against you. We're AWESOME like that! Due to our natural casualness, we have very few guidelines:

1)Be A Guy over 18
2) Watch The Language (kids could be present)
3) ‎NO Griefing
4) ‎Use the free Discord App for community discussions.

If you're interested in joining us, please PM me here or on PSN at Cornbread243

Fly Safe Commander!
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Hello commander welcome to the world of Elite Dangerous I am part of a group called Artemis Corporation where we welcome new players and help them make there first few millions and getting the ships they want. We like to take part in all pve content and our pilots are free to do as they wish the idea of Artemis is to provide a place for players to get to know each other and also learn anything they might need in order to "blaze your trail" as elite likes to put it. We are not a hardcore group and dont dictate when or how you play we are literally in it for the fun so your welcome to invite your friends and jump in and out any time you like. If this sounds like something that would interest you then we would be more than happy to have you both with us and as always fly safe commanders O7.

Artemis Discord Link:
Hey, Gamerbeau - As a ps4 player who has been actively LFG for three weeks now, i thought i'd reach out. I have found a good home at Prismatic Imperium. They are super organized and actively do BGS and PP, along with an active RP if thats your thing but is not required. the only problem is i think im the only active ps4 player, at least who uses discord, so im always looking for a wingmate. PI is empire-aligned and pledged to AD though i dont *believe* those thiings are required - definitely not the pledging part. If you think you'd like to come by, I'll be happy to help get you in the discord. try PI out. there are other ps4 groups with more members but seem to be just randoms doing all diff things 24/7. Hope to hear from you.
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