Need a new Home? Artemis Corporation Stands With You!

In recent weeks we've seen numerous friends and foes leave the game for various reasons. In some cases, entire squadrons have disbanded. We will miss those who have left, but as we all move forward, Artemis Corporation is focused on the orphaned commanders who remain in the wake of defunct or disbanded squadrons.

Perhaps you're in search of a new home, someplace where you can talk, fly, fight, and have fun with other people - a place where you aren't just another name on a roster, a place with active, involved leadership where you have a voice that is heard, where you can make a name for yourself and make a difference.

If so, please consider Artemis Corporation. We are a proven "melting pot" where CMDRs of almost all professions Stand Together and have a great time
. Low drama, high fun. Laid back atmosphere with regular, dedicated players. The power of a group with autonomy to do your own thing. Active, organized leadership that doesn't get heavy handed and doesn't micromanage. That's the Artemis way.
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