Need info badly.

Alright guys. I planned on doing this but I havent unlock the corrosive resistant rack yet and dont have any friends who have either. But first I want to tell you guys about something I may try tomorrow if noone else has tried it before.

So I saw a video on youtube of a guy placing one guardian item into the thargoid structure where it shows a galaxy map when all of the thargoid ieces are placed in it.

It went nuts for like 5 minites before stopping. I flew over the structure and notice the top looks as if it can open. Has anyone started the map up and went outside while it is happening or going crazy to see of it is projecting something into the sky above?

Better yet. Has anyone teied placing one of each of the guardian key items urns etc into those slots in the thargoid structure as well?

Even more better yet, has anyone tried to do the opposite and place thargoid pieces into each of the guardian structures? Or see what happens when they are within close proximity of them?

I will be attempting to do this tomorrow with the guardian keys and such but do not have a corrosive resista t rack so I cannot do the latter. If anyone wants to do this as well please make a video of it and post it on here.

I am thinking.... Well..... Theorizing, that the galaxy map shown in the thargoid structure may actually be a gateway to raxxla. But needs a very specific combination of guardian items in order to open it. That is possibly the reason why the site goes crazy from them. Because ita trying to start the process of opening a gateway to raxxla but can't. Sorta like a misfiring engine not getting enough fuel. Thats what all the pulsing was about. Also what is happening outside whilw this is going on? Noones takw. The time to post it. Or do they already know but havent said anything?

I look foeward to seeing your theories and speculations about these events to unfold. Please post your thoughts as I am eager to hear them. Thanks guys!
I will. Also be streaming the events on mixer. You can watch and chat as well while I try this. Events may start around 2pm eastern if I'm lucky. If not then maybe 5ish. My handle on Xbox is Furstreak. Add me and come hang out.


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I have activated the map without a corrosion resistant rack, but you have to take an AFMU and stop to repair a couple of times on the way
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