Ships Need More Ship Role Possibilities

Hey Cmdrs,

I am looking for assistance in finding new roles for ships. I have created over 125 ships for all the Power Players and Superpowers. Each ship with a specific role. I need more reasons to build more ships! Maybe you know of some other roles and specific load outs that you have created. You can check out my builds by clicking on my banner below.

The ship roles I have so far and the ships I have used in these roles are:
* Ship(s) I think is best in that role
Note: all my ships have docking comps.

Combat - Must have Military grade armor, largest shield possible and guns. Collector limpets optional.
(Eagles, Vipers, Vulture, Chieftain, Python*, Assault, Asps, Diamondbacks, Fer de Lance)

Combat w/Fighter - Just like combat but with a fighter bay
(Keelback, Anaconda, Corvette*, Gunship, Cutter, Type 10)

Bounty Hunter - Just like combat but with FSD indictor and Kill Warrant Scanner
(Eagles, Vipers, Vulture, Chieftain, Python*, Fer de Lance)

Freighter - Smallest shield possible and all cargo racks
(Hauler, Adder, Courier, Cutter*, Clipper, Asp Exp., Type 6, Type 7, Type 9*, Cobra, Python*, Anaconda, Dropship, Corvette)

Planetary Freighter - like freighter ship but with SRV
(Cutter, Clipper, Asp Exp., Type 6, Type 7*, Type 9, Cobra, Python*, Anaconda, Dropship, Corvette)

Explorer - Must have Fuel Scoop, ADS/DSS and SRV
(Asps, Diamondback Exp*., Anaconda*)

Taxi - Similar to Explorer but with limited compartments, so no DSS and SRV, ADS optional
(Hauler*, Adder, Diamondback Scout)

Multipurpose - Must have cargo, collector limpets, SRV, Fuel scoop, Wake Scanner
(Adder, Dropship, Corvette, Cobra*, Python*, Anaconda, Courier, Clipper*, Cutter, Asps*, Type 6, Type 7, Chieftain)

Passenger (touring) - Limited passenger cabins, ADS/DSS
(Dolphin, Orca, Asps*)

Passenger (Bulk) - Smallest shield and all Economy Cabins
(Beluga, Anaconda*, Corvette, Cutter)

Passenger (Transport) - Shield size optional all First and Business class cabins
(Beluga, Anaconda*, Cutter, Corvette, Type 7, Python)

Support - Equipped with Fuel Transfer and Repair limpets, fuel scoop
(Dropship, Clipper*, Asps, Python*)

Mining - Equipped with refinery, lasers, collection and prospecting limpets and cargo
(Type 7*, Dropship, Clipper, Python)

Salvage - Cargo, Collector limpets, SRV
(Type 6*, Dropship, Cobra, Courier)

Reconnaissance - Recon Limpets, SRV
(Assault, Keelback, Courier, Cobra)
Haven't really performed am recon mission yet so Dont know if these are good ships or not

Thargoid Combat - Combat ship with Guardian and AX weapons, Xeno scanner, SFN, Decon and Repair limpets
(Chieftain, Courier, Assault, Python)

Thargoid Combat and Research - Same as above, with Research Limpets
(Python*, Clipper)

Thargoid Research - Same as above, no repair limpets
(Cobra, Dia Exp., Assault)

Thargoid Combat Support - Same as Thargoid Combat with refuel limpets and Fuel Scoop

Pirate - Combat ship with FSD indictor, hatch breaker limpets, collector limpets, manifest scanner, optional Cytoscrambler Lasers
(Fer de Lance, Python)

Smuggler - Cargo and Collector Limpets
(Hauler, Adder)

Material Collector - Same as Multipurpose load out
(Adder, Dropship, Corvette, Cobra*, Python*, Anaconda, Courier, Clipper*, Cutter, Asps*, Type 6, Type 7, Chieftain)

Data Delivery - Any small or medium ship capable of transporting data

So that's it! Any other roles or creative load out ideas are welcome!

Thanks and I'll see you in the verse!

Cmdr Serenity
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Here's a few I've built and tested

Illegal passenger transport, can sustain silent running for several minutes without heatsinks,,CzY0CzY0CzY0CzY0,9p3G5H0A5UG5I30sPcAqpDEzCpAN8G2ob6n7i8n7iElhXGrmfMwPcAdsG5Ia0upD6qpD8qpDGyPcAqqG3022_006wPcB3_G3GcIkPcKxCpQkPcSxCpYkPcaxCpBK4G3G32_Pc6y00Iu00Bcg0,,7ReG3IW4_w01Z401Z400nE02UI0

High intensity CZ, the Python isn't big enough to become the focus of attention (unlike a Vette or Conda) but it's a serious big ship killer with 5 PAs,KLuG3J4AxhXCthXIxCpMypDKLuG3J4AxhXCthXIxCpMypDKLuG3J4AxhXCthXIxCpMypDKKUG3J4AxhXCthXIxCpMypDKKUG3J4AxhXCthXIxCpMypD,DBwGBJ3Gj7iMuKVOj7iDBwG7I3IuKVKj7iOj7iDBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSA,9p3G5H44v7iAkPcEkPcIkPcAAAG3I40sPc50pD8phXEphXAPoG5H56qpD8phXEq00GwPcKypDAdsG5Ha0upD6qpD8qpDGyPcAsYG3022_006wPcBAEG7Id4upDGwk5MrmfOwk5UrmfWwk5crmfBOmG3G32_Pc6y00Iu00Bcg0,,7UeG9H34wPcasPcgy000AA00AA016yG5H50wPc4zmfAqpDEqpDIqpD25S0072005U005U02UI0

Racing Viper, you can get over 900 m/s boost with a smaller PD and drag drives but it's bonker fast, just over 2000 mph on boost!,,,9p3G5H44v7iAkPcEkPcIkPcA4OG6HZ6kPc8phXCkPcAL7G5Hb6qpD8phXEq00GwPcKypDAZeG5240u006phX8phXGxCpApGG3022_006wPcB3_O5I6IqpDMkPcOypDSx2aYqpDcqpDBK4G3G32_Pc6y00Iu00BX_0,,mpT7OWG3Jb2y006u00AwPcIlhXKqpDmpT0nE1

Skimmer mission missile dumbfire armed T10 puts the Kill back in overkill! LOL,K4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK4iG5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK38G5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQK38G5Ha2-Cp6ypDAwPcIvcQ,DBwGBJ3Gj7iMuKVOj7iDBwG7G3IuKVKj7iOj7iDBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwG9Ib6phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSACzY0CzY0,9p3H5044uJTAj4zEj5EIj5MAAAH3I40sPc50pD8phXEphXARqG5H56qpD8phXEq00GwPcKypDAg_G5Ha0upD6qpD8qpDGyCjAtyG3022_006wPcBAEG3GcIkPcKxCpQkPcSxCpYkPcaxCpBLeG5G31000IupDK_00BeE1,16y116y1,7XmG9IZ4wPcasPcgy000AA10AA108c115O115O122K12UI10nE1
I never thought about racing ships. Thats awesome! Going to build some now.

I thought they nerfed the skimmer missions so that you have to kill them in an srv?
I never thought about racing ships. Thats awesome! Going to build some now.

I thought they nerfed the skimmer missions so that you have to kill them in an srv?
They probably have nerfed the skimmer missions but I made a few hundred mil before I got bored with it and reconfigured the T 10 into a miner (works great too!)

Some more racing ships to check out but the Viper has the best engine noise,,,9p3G5H44v7iAkPcEkPcIkPcA3wG5I30sPcAqpDEzCpAL7G5H56qpD8phXEq00GwPcKypDAakG5I40upD6qpD8qpDGyPcAniG3022_006wPcB3_O5IcIqpDMkPcOypDSx2aYqpDcqpDBIWG3G32_Pc6y00Iu00BX_0,,mpU7OWG3Jb2y006u00AwPcIlhXKqpDmpU0nE1,,,9p3G5H44v7iAkPcEkPcIkPcA3wG4HZ0j7iAhhXEu00AL7G5H56qpD8phXEq00GwPcKypDAZeG2I46hhXEsPcGhhXKj7iAniG3022_006wPcB0sO5I6IqpDMkPcOypDSx2aYqpDcqpDBIWG3G32_Pc6y00Iu00BX_0,,mpT7OWG3Jb2y006u00AwPcIlhXKqpD
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