Need stable AIP for telemetry data - used for 2-6 dof motion platforms

I support this.

Frontier, please give this consideration. Motion simulation is a lot like early dev kit VR where the client base is gradually increasing. It has a high payoff for game satisfaction. I much like others that have moved toward motion simulation am attempting to experience higher immersion levels and feeling of "real". In all other areas like VR and sound, ED is amazing. When motion sim isn't broken due to an update, it is as close to flying a real space ship as it gets. There is nothing else like it. If there is anything at all you can do to make ED feel more real, please don't hold back. Something simple for telemetry is fine.

It might be possible to tap into the same API for other things too:
FFB Joysticks which I believe was an original development request for ED
More refined directional forces on game controllers
Haptic feedback devices
I think it would be at least an interesting and worthwhile experiment with expansion potential, and maybe it could be applied to Planet Coaster too.
I wholeheartedly support this petition, it would be fantastic to enjoy motion platforms and bass shakers using real telemetry date from the game, like most car sims.
I wholeheartedly support this petition, it would be fantastic to enjoy motion platforms and bass shakers using real telemetry date from the game, like most car sims.
A LOT of us is waiting for that API for a VERY VERY long time.......
I support this request ! Davif Braben himself tweeted in the beginning of this year about a DIY 30F simulator cockpit used with Elite. Help us show people motion sim is DIY affordable and enjoyable with Elite !
API stable please

Hi, I strongly support this idea to provide a stable API for dynamic simulation platforms. This would be very comfortable for all players who like me want to experience this superb spatial simulation in the most immersive way possible.
I built a 2 dof movement platform exclusively for dangerous elite and I am a little disappointed not to be able to use it with this game.
I console myself with dcs but I miss space.

Please border made of this game a real success: give us a stable API or at least stable memory hooks to rebuild our pluggin quickly after the update.

Thank you for your attention.

Cmdr Pierrolefou
Me too! I have different reality rig and it's awsome would be a dream for elite to work

Could we get any feedback on the development of such an API?

If it will never happen, please let us know. Better that than lett us hope and beg for years and years.

Guys, get as many as possible to post on this thread - lets us make some noise and let it be impossible to not notice us.
I'm looking into getting a Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3 and would greatly appreciate it if telemetry data would be exposed to allow for proper support of these platforms. I already have a cockpit I plan on mounting on it and play in VR as well.
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So I ordered and got my NLR motion platform this weekend, mounted by OpenWheerler cockpit to! Simply amazing. I setup a game profile for ED and set it to use direct input mode. It works really well, but it definitely would be a lot better if the game just supplied the telemetry data.
Please add a telemetry API. While on a PC monitor ED is hit or miss for a lot of players, it is a no brainer in VR. I put a few hours into ED prior to VR, now I have a full sim rig set up with over 100 hours in the last 6 months and several friends interested in getting rigs set up as well. This is the way it was meant to be played. Everything you can throw at enhancing that targeted experience will be very worthwhile.
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