Need your input: What's your favorite ship for CZ/RES/Mission combat, and why?

Good morning fellow commanders!

So, after trying to have fun with mining missions last night (we ended up SRV jumping to liven things up,) we've decided next week to work on combat missions, and maybe even drop into a CZ.

That said, I'm wondering if I'm using the best ship for that purpose?

While I do own most all the ships (don't have a Cutter and T10,) since I A rated my Vulture I haven't really given the other combat ships any serious flight time.

So here's my question - do you think there is a combat ship that's better than the Vulture for CZ, RES, and Combat Missions?

And what's your favorite ship for combat, and why?

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions!!!

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1) Python.
Well armed, well shielded. With DD5, it's hilariously agile. (Too agile. Lol)
Can be outfitted to run most types missions at once, not just combat. Good(ish) jump range.
SRV + Collection limpets also mean it can drop out and just gather materials.
With DD5 and no armour, mine tops 450m/s.

2) Anaconda. Same as the Python, but with the added fun of an SLF. Not as agile, or as fast. But very well armed and shielded. (Can have such strong shields that fitting armour is mostly pointless)
I love to use my SLF, plus 2 pack hound launchers, plus a mix of Gimballed multicannons and pulses. Makes taking down agile ships easy, but still has a punch for larger ones. Ramming is also effective. Also good for multicrew.

Or the dull FDL. Good at combat. Fast, agile, well shielded, well armed. Good at nothing else. Lol

The FAS and FGS also make good combat ships. But I don't have much experience with them. (They're too ugly to fly. Lol)

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I prefer the FAS. Hull tanking keeps things exciting, and the immediate feedback on mistakes is really helpful.

For a second choice, I take the Anaconda out to Haz RES for mining and bounty hunting in one. If you don't clear the area once in a while, you'll eventually get 5+ pirates all showing up at once to see what's in your cargo hold. Then things get REALLY exciting.

Honorable mention- Corvette with long range huge beam lasers (fixed). It's great for wrecking shop on those small ships you sometimes can be cursed with in CZs.

So here's my question - do you think there is a combat ship that's better than the Vulture for CZ, RES, and Combat Missions?

And what's your favorite ship for combat, and why?
How good a ship works in combat situations highly depend on what you want to achieve and what your preferred combat style is.
I choose a different ship for RES, CZ, assassination missions and massacre missions.

And if you are willing to sacrifice effectiveness for fun a lot of ships can be "better".

My favorite combat ships are the Vulture, FAS and DBS. All used in different situations and different purposes. The Vulture being the one with the best fun vs. effectiveness balance (for me).

Anaconda and Corvette can be highly effective, but often simply lack the speed to get from one enemy to the next in RES or CZ, but they are probably better overall combat ships to the FAS or Vulture.

I have no experience with the FdL, but I guess it's a very effective combat ship.


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If I am there alone I prefer a FAS or Python for RES and High Intensity CZ. If there are only Low Intensity CZs I take the FDL, it seems to work best in those.

As part of a wing I take the corvette. It has healing beams and high capacity weapons for longer farming sessions.

For missions, even my regular mission python can take down a pirate lord corvette so I just use that.
HazRES: Anaconda (AFK build) with many efficient laser turrets, SCB/HeatSink and boosters (~1500Mj shields with 50/50/50 resistances), I leave it to the crew pilot and I have fun on my SLF.

HazRES: non AFK, FAS with 2xpulse/2xplasma or FDD with huge plasma and 4xrapid fire pulse.

CZ: Python with DD and all boosters long range MC gimbals, snipe enemies and ratchet kills from outside their point-blank range.
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For effectiveness / wing heal / SLF use in HazRES (e. g. raking up bounties in BH CGs) the Corvette

For CZ and policed RES I use medium combat ships like FdL, Vulture (Edit: oops, this is a small one per definition) and FGS (don't like the other medium Fed ships for some reason)

For missions and similar situations where I only need to kill a low amount of enemies I tend to use the more exotic low-ammo high-damage builds like my 2x double shot frag cannon Vulture

Lastly, If I just want to have a great time buzzing around and feeling like I'm in an actual fighter craft nothing beats the iCourier
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I guess it depends upon what you want to do. If I just want to destroy lots of enemy ships without much effort, I take my Cutter and crewmate. While I do very occasionally have to run away, it doesn't happen very often (and usually not until I run out of ammo :) ).

But... It's a lot of fun in small, fast ships too. You just don't earn anywhere near as much (well, I don't, anyway).
If you have rank with the Federation, the Federal Assaul Ship or the Federal Gunship are kind of the natural progression from the Vulture.

If not, the Fer de Lance is the most used combat ship and really is just overpowered.

The Python lets you fight and do everything else if you want more variety.

Honestly, you can fight with any ship if your skills are up to it.
I take my Anaconda for CZ/RES farming. I've got multicannons everywhere, and when the bullets run out I jump into my SLF to keep going.
I use the Corvette for almost all my combat needs. It has the agility and firepower needed in open space so it's perfect in a CZ. While I view dodging asteroids as part of the fun, I can see why a larger ship can be a problem in a RES. Add in a full wing of friends and actually that large beast becomes a problem (mostly for them). In that case an FDL might be the step forward in a RES but I don't own one so I might be wrong.
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For efficient long time pve combat its the anaconda for me. A bi-weave shield, lots of resistance boosters, efficient beam laser turrets and some light engineering, and you can stay in any rez/cz indefinatly. The shields regenerate faster then you take damage and the beams pop every enemy within a few seconds (with the exception of these deadly/elite vultures, they take forever).

The corvette has these two huge hardpoints as main armament. They are great agains strong targets, but against waves of small/medium enemys not so much (there are no huge turrets). So thats my ship of choice for assasinations.

The cutter has a better shield, but the hardpoint placement is meh and the distributor is too weak to rely on laser weapons (and everything else will run out of ammo sooner or later).

For fun i recomend the FDL.
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For HiCZ I use a Python with 5 efficient PA's it's primarily a big ship killer as anything sub Asp can be a pain to hit, with Beta changes it'll be even better as the PA's do drain the PD PAx5

For RES I use several ships a FAS, FDS, FGS, Python PAx5, Conda, Corvette..... if you like the Vulture try the FAS 31 03 17 (EDMC)

I don't bother with missions TBH
Everybody's been taking their FAS's, Anacondas, and FDL's into CZs, and I'm apparently the only crazy schmuck taking their Asp Explorer into them.
I pretty much use my Corvette for everything, although it's now becoming a pain because of power restraints and jump range.

After deciding to see what the ATR were like and finding my Corvette got melted rather quickly, I decided to jump in to the live game and get some engineering done.

The downside is that my jump range currently is 16Ly and my heat level reaches 91% when scooping with a 7A Scoop.

I may look at fitting out a Python again, not used one for around a year now bit I did enjoy it or I will fit out another FDL as I don't really do missions or trading anymore it's either Exploration or Bounty Hunting.
Over all, I enjoy the Viper IV the most. It isn't the best by any means. Basically, it's a stiff Cobra with better hardpoint placement but I think it looks better too.

I also adore the Vulture for its simplicity and looks. Agile and hits above its weight class. Great combo.
In the gunship I just let out one long scream while I open my guns up until the enemy is dead or I'm out of ammo.
The courier makes another deceptively deadly combat vessel, especially with three efficient plasma cannons. Looks neat but not my style.
DBS as a cold-running hull tank cannon assassin with cascade torps and a huge stack of heat sinks.
An AspX with all rapid fire burst lasers is something to behold.
For effectiveness the Anaconda with efficient beams. I switch between the mothership and the SLF to keep things interesting.

For fun the FAS with long range PA's. I can get into trouble in CZ's but in REZ sites I invariably run out of ammo before they work their way through all my armour.
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