Neon Night Mini Golf

Hey all,

Some of you might have seen this in my Netflix park, but I converted the mini golf course to a blueprint usable for everyone;

Download it here!

This "attraction" was an exciting challenge due to the height-differences (personal goal), and the whole mini golf is wheelchair accessible.
Please enjoy!


Now let's walk around in night time. Get your stick and your balls (don't confuse that with sticky balls).

First hole: Bounce it straight in.

Second: 4 options; upper hole makes a hole in one. Layers underneath lead to a path to the green spot at the left.

Third: Get over the hill, but not the second.

Fourth: Try to make a hole in one while the police sirens are in your way.

Fifth: Only a perfect straight shot can win.

Sixth: Enjoy our laser fountain, hit high and let it roll low.

Seventh: Snake-eyes! Where is the hole?

Eighth: Slam around those vases, but please don't break them.

Ninth: Hit inside the spectrum-bucket, hole in one guaranteed!

Tenth: While water is spraying out of the vases (member?), also the track is getting soaked... Thank God it's 25C.

Eleventh: Last hole. Didn't get a hole in one? Now let's make your day.
Slam into this loop, and it is a self-working road. Maybe hard to see but there is a hole in the middle where the ball comes out again.

Lost your balls? Plenty shortcuts to ask for a new one, cause we got balls!

Looks inviting from the outside, doesn't it?

Billboards with clown Coaster King is a placeholder for hole numbers.

Download it here!

Well done , and wouldn't it be great if you could gets some actual Planco peeps playing your course?!
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