Neutron boosting - worth it?

Finally did some calculations and here is are my results with a 38ly ASP Explorer:
26 waypoints per hour -> 2min 18s per waypoint (ocassional fuel scooping and FSD repairs included)
This would vary based on ship's fuel tank capacity and scooping time.

Distance (this would be totally different for a different jump range):
3600 ly per hour -> travelling 10 000ly in 2h 47min -> travelling 1000ly in 17min (ocassional fuel scooping and FSD repairs included)

I didn't race, this can definitely be improved by at least 10-20%. Test took 2 hours.

So, based on Spansh route:
Sol -> Colonia: 22000ly, 185 waypoints -> 7 hours 5 min (based on waypoints) or 6 hours 16 min (based on distance)
Sol -> Sagittarius A*: 25900ly ,199 waypoints -> 7h 38 min (based on waypoints) or 7h 12 min (based on distance)

Is it good or bad time for a 38ly ship compared to traditional jumps?
Of course, bigger jump range -> less waypoints and more ly per hour.

Rough calculations on a phone, hopefully no typos.
Good timing for all this Neutron wisdom. I've got plans to learn this myself in the near future, so thanks everyone :)
Since I've asked I don't just have done my very first neutron boosted jump but I to use it now regularly. For all the future commanders that look into this thread, to read all the fine advice given by more experienced commanders, I want to give a field report how my neutron boosting "skills" developed.

First of all, it is much easier and it seems much less dangerous than I thought. Nonetheless, am I really careful around neutron stars. But be aware, future neutron traveler, my Kassiopeia is an Anaconda. I've heard that this makes the whole process a lot easier, since it is (according to others) far less likely to turn around in the jet and suddenly face the neutron star itself.

Initially I fully stopped when entering the system, followed by getting carefully and slowly around the neutron star into the jet. I've entered the jet with around 1 - 3 Mm/s and throttled fully down at once.
The latter I still do (unless I forget), but after … let's say ca. 25 - 30 neutron boosted jumps I didn't need to perform the full stop any longer. Some more neutron boosted jumps later I had learned how to use a wider range of velocities when entering the jet cone, without being ejected too early. Around approx. 50 - 60 neutron boosted jumps I had optimized the whole process for me.

I'm not the fastest when charging in neutron star jets, sometimes I approach too fast and shoot over (i would say 1 in 13 cases) and especially the neutron stars with small jets take more time. Because as mentioned above, I'm still careful around all of them.

Secondly, activating jet cone boost in the plotting options did somehow NOT switch off white dwarfs, even though these were NOT selected in the Star Class menu and I'm somewhat sure that I had applied the changes to the route. Then again, white dwarf boosts didn't happen too often.

Thirdly, I don't really use spansh, except for finding the nearest neutron star when the in game route plotter is not finding any.

Fourthly, I was surprised to see that almost always the full boosted jump range was used, even outside the core regions.

On average I would say the following is true for me:
  • All in all using a neutron boosted jump cuts travel time for the given distance (in my case ca. 314 ly per jump) in half
  • When the neutron star density is high enough the total number of jumps is reduced by at least 1/3 probably 1/2.
  • However, plotting with jet cone boost activated takes a bit longer, repairing the FSD, blunders like over shooting or small jet cone boosts also take their time. I would say that my travel time is reduced by 1/3, if the neutron star density is high enough. Otherwise neutron boosted jumps are a very welcome change in mode of traveling but they don't contribute massively to the distance covered. But then again, I've been a lot outside the core regions lately.

I hope that this, with all the other great advice, helps future travelers to try neutron boosting … It's worth it :)
The true number's all depend on one using copy paste via a pc or texting using a consoles controller. Using copy paste is considerably faster than typing text with a controller.
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