Release Neutron Highway long range route planner

Is there any way with the current plotter 2 insert refueling Stars along your route say every third jump?
Not currently, though I have plans for an optimised Bucky Ball router, which will take into account fuel consumption. The main problem with these things is keeping everything searchable in memory. Currently I preload all neutron stars (which will be easily doable for the forseable future) into memory before generating the route. Inserting refueling stops causes issues as it would have to hit the database inbetween to find a star to refuel at. It's not impossible and it's something I will revisit at some point when I've finished off some other features
Is the database down? I'm just getting 500 errors whenever I try to plot a route using the road to riches system.

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Road To Riches seems to be down for me. route has no entries.
Source System: Blau Aihm VD-T d3-394
Target System : Sagittarius A*

Range : 59
Radius: 100
Max Systems: 1000
You know how Inara using something like ed market connector knows your current star system automatically? Could the plotter be used in the same fashion? Getting your current star system position and updating that in real time?
Sorry to be a pain Spansh but the Road to Riches planner still seems to be down. Entering a system doesn't give anything in the drop down.
Still down for me, the dropdowns fill by now, but the planner is not actually planning anything, it's just "sitting there wiggling its fingers" forever.
I am getting an error when I try to plot Roads to Riches, I have been using this for a few weeks so I am fairly sure Im not doing something stupid, but it will not load results, or if it does it seems to load an error. I am trying to get the error to load but having little luck, but it was something like missing or blank info, the only blank thing i had was the destination, as I am just doing a circle
Howdy. The normal route plotter works fine. Road to riches, however, is currently bugged and has infinite finger taps when trying to use it. Thanks for your time and attention.
There's a problem with my new upload, it's much faster but it's overloading the box, I've stopped it and have brought it back up, things should clear up and run now.
Still kind of broken:

Observe the first step on that trip... 146 jumps to the first system worth scanning?

Also, I found that suddenly the system doesn't know a lot of stars...
Yeah Road 2 Riches not working again for me today says Unable to generate route: Could not find finishing system...


Range 16
Radius 25
Maximum Systems 100
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