This is to add more to the ACU:

I'm suggesting w new building for the ACU, the "ACU garage"

This building may act in 2 ways:
1. A standalone building - the same size as an ACU center with 2 ACU jeeps and an ACU squad. ACU jeeps from this building are a bit slower than the ACU jeeps from the attachable garage.

2. An attachable building piece - a small garage that can be attached to an ACU center but will not increase the size of the ACU center, and can hold 1 ACU jeep. This will count as one of the building uogrades for the ACU center.

a. ACU jeeps
  • able to tranquilize dinosaurs.
  • cannot repair building, substations, pylons, and fences, and cannot replenish feeders.
  • able to get through dense forests with its bladed bumper.
  • can move while firing darts.
  • can be used as an extra dinosaur transport with a chance of Dinosaurs waking up and continuing the rampage, but cannot move dinosaurs out of the park.
  • can transport ACU squad back to base.

b. ACU squad
  • a group of 10 people trained to tranquilize.
  • decreases the chance of a dinosaur waking up when assisting in transporting dinosaurs via ACU jeep.
  • automatically deployed to the nearest dinosaur when there is a dinosaur threat.
  • when a member of the squad dies, the player must manually pay for a replacement. (Counts as a Lawsuit)

You may only place 1 ACU garage per 1 ACU center you have on that island.

And the ACU squad outpost:
  • a small building slightly larger than a Storm Defense Station.
  • has 2 default ACU squads.
  • still automatically deploys ACU squads

With these upgrades applicable to everything except theattachable building piece:
1. Additional ACU squads
2. Faster ACU jeeps
3. Faster ACU squads
4. ACU squad jeep to transport the ACU squad when there is a dinosaur threat.
5. Better Darts (Decrease chance of ground transported dinosaur waking up and less shots taken from ACU squad to take down a dinosaur.

I was in a rush writing this because it's nearly my bedtime so hopefully I didn't miss any details.

This is kinda lame and probably too overpowered though. Well... Hopefully someone likes it.🙂
I like this idea, especially the idea of adding a garage to the ACU building, as an improvement and an automatic response alternative to protect the park, but in special ACU jeeps.

It makes me remember this and I like it a lot.
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