[LFG] New and Experienced CMDR looking for faction

Greetings fellow CMDRs.

I have played Elite since it was on the preview program for XB1 but I have fairly recently moved my profile over to PC because, let's face it, OCULUS :) but the downfall is I forgot how bad the grind was :eek:

please do not let my stats in game fool anyone, I have a great deal of hours flight time under my belt, tried to build a faction on XB1 but didn't really ever get going as the game was still relatively new to console, but now I am looking to join an established group, with a good player-base of older but young at heart CMDRs, I myself am 29 years and 104 months young.

I am UK Based, but my flying times are usually late, especially on weekends. looking for a group that does everything and that is not scared of a little PVP cough, cough, dare I say piracy (although I would forget the piracy if the right faction came knocking), ideally the group must be extremely active and actually have some sort of plan and direction, after all the hunt for some sort of realism is a must.

A ranking system would be great, he ability to move up within a factions hierarchy is something I would be interested in also.

Just one more thing before I post this, if you don't play in open then there is no point replying.

Hope to see you all in the black CMDRs, Fly Harder. o7

CMDR Jyla.
Hi there, I'll keep this brief but I encourage you to do some research! I represent Arbor Caelum and our faction Arbor Caelum Internal Defense. We have a great deal of work ahead of us in order to reclaim our home from corporate exploiters, and we would be honored to have you fighting along with us.

My group now has 37 members in game, and our discord is shared with our sister squadron Gilgamesh, so the comms are vibrant and engaging. Please give us a look, and ask any questions you may have.


If you decide that ARCM is right for you, please start your enrollment process in the above link.
Hi there, I am CMDR Surak of Vulcan, with the Resonance Fleet. We're a small-ish squadron, but our community is very tight-knit and welcoming. We would be happy to have you! We're not enormous, but we do have more than a few players and there's always someone online to help out or wing up with. If you're interested in joining, let me know or join our discord to find out more: https://discord.gg/Ntjngxm
The Acheron Syndicate is an organisation of commanders, overseers, professors, doctors, engineers, researchers, soldiers, mercenaries, pirates, smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, miners, traders, racers, aid providers, activists, couriers, passenger carriers, explorers, scavengers, infiltrators, search and rescue agents, powerplay agents, naval fighters, enforcers, and many more roles involved with the main purpose to help Pranav Antal in the development of the Acheron Interface.

The Interface main goal is to turn the human consciousness into an artificial but human intelligence achieving speeds like a machine can do but still remaining as complex as a human mind.

This is a complicated and sophisticated procedure because it involves creating neuro-quantum algorithms which requires server biomes. To upkeep the quality of the research it requires a lot of material, ideas, and control to make it work. It is why the Syndicate have to be a big scale operation. Being part of Utopia the secondary purpose is to help it in the control of the region so Pranav Antal has more time to work on his projects.

we are looking for Everyone who wish to join our cause. We accept new and veteran alike. We are broad in our activities and a helpful, respectful community. We accept the brave who are willing to fight for Us and for Utopia!

we have multiple people from the UK, we are not scared to do stuff, we are close to expansion, we are a fresh and new squadron.

If you are interested visit for more information, and for links our INARA page here: INARA PAGE LINK
If you want to connect with us here is our Discord: DISCORD
In-game search by squadron ID: ASPC if you are from PC
Evening CMDR!!
I think you will find Angels of Death ticks all your boxes. Established clan of 3000+ members across 18 game titles of which Elite Dangerous is one of its many divisions. They have a ranking system that is based on activity and commitment to helping other clan members. I myself have now reached the rank of junior officer in the space of 5 months. Like you i am UK timezone but play usually between 23:00-03:00 GMT, check out our squadron page here https://inara.cz/squadron/2151/
As for a focus and direction we have our very own PMF (Player Minor Faction) put into the game by FDev for us (check it out here https://inara.cz/galaxy-minorfaction/77086/ ) as a group we update the focus for the squadron several times a week with multiple types of tasks to suit all play styles, the aim is to take over the space around us with our home system at the centre no matter who the opposition (NPC faction or PMF).
We do not however tolerate piracy/griefing/murder of players, NPC's are not our concern. Even against the PMF's we have fought it is not acceptable, however if you encounter them in a combat zone or if they are wanted, well, they should not be in open :LOL:
Most of us play always in open, some even when mining and visiting engineers, from time to time some even go PvP hunting for griefers.
If you are interested stop by our website at www.clanaod.net and apply to the Elite Dangerous Division there.
Hello Jyla1981

Spiral Spirits Division - Do you want to be part of a fun, energetic and helpful squad? Protector of our home system in Coriat, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. Why not join Spiral Spirits Division today? It is a newly created faction, working on their goals to bringing peace throughout the galaxy by expanding and maintaining each system. Come join us on our mission. We have nearly taken over our first system.
We also have a ranking structure in place

We accept all type of players, ideally Imperial Aligned but not essential.

Join our Discord server to find out more information: https://discord.gg/kttxVBx

See you on board CMDR! :)
Thanks for all of the invites, I have now joined The Acheron Syndicate, hopefully see some of you in the black o7 CMDR's
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