New Animals Found in Planet Zoo Files

I'm just gonna do a dump of animal genera, what they refer to, and some other strings of interest.
zoopedia_genus_acanthophis - Australian Adders
zoopedia_genus_achatina - Giant African Snails
zoopedia_genus_acinonyx - Cheetah
zoopedia_genus_ailuropoda - Giant Panda
zoopedia_genus_ailurus - Red Panda
zoopedia_genus_aldabrachelys - Aldabra Giant Tortoise
zoopedia_genus_antidorcas - Springbok
zoopedia_genus_antilocapra - Pronghorn
zoopedia_genus_bison - Bison
zoopedia_genus_bitis - African Vipers
zoopedia_genus_boa - Boa Constrictor
zoopedia_genus_brachypelma - Red-Legged Tarantula
zoopedia_genus_camelus - Bactrian Camel
zoopedia_genus_canis - Timber Wolf
zoopedia_genus_chelonoidis - Galapagos Giant Tortoise
zoopedia_genus_connochaetes - Black Wildebeest
zoopedia_genus_conraua - Goliath Frog
zoopedia_genus_crocodylus - Crocodiles
zoopedia_genus_crocuta - Spotted Hyena
zoopedia_genus_crotalus - Rattlesnakes
zoopedia_genus_elephas - Indian Elephant
zoopedia_genus_equus - Plains Zebra
zoopedia_genus_eudorcas - Gazelles
zoopedia_genus_eunectes - Yellow Anaconda
zoopedia_genus_gavialis - Gharial
zoopedia_genus_giraffa - Reticulated Giraffe
zoopedia_genus_goliathus - Goliath Beetles
zoopedia_genus_gorilla - Western Lowland Gorilla
zoopedia_genus_hadrurus - Giant Hairy Scorpion
zoopedia_genus_heloderma - Gila Monster
zoopedia_genus_heterometrus - Giant Forest Scorpion
zoopedia_genus_hippopotamus - Hippopotamus
zoopedia_genus_hippotragus - Sable Antelope
zoopedia_genus_iguana - Iguanas
zoopedia_genus_lasiodora - Red Bird-Eating Tarantulas
zoopedia_genus_lemur - Ring-Tailed Lemurs
zoopedia_genus_loxodonta - African Elephant
zoopedia_genus_lycaon - African Wild Dog
zoopedia_genus_macaca - Japanese Macaque
zoopedia_genus_macropanesthia - Giant Burrowing Cockroach
zoopedia_genus_mandrillus - Mandrill
zoopedia_genus_manis - Asian Pangolins
zoopedia_genus_okapia - Okapi
zoopedia_genus_oophaga - Lehmann's Poison Frog
zoopedia_genus_orycteropus - aardvark
zoopedia_genus_oryx - Gemsbok
zoopedia_genus_pan - Panins
zoopedia_genus_panthera - Panthers
zoopedia_genus_pavo - Indian Peafowl
zoopedia_genus_phacochoerus - Common Warthog
zoopedia_genus_phoenicopterus - Flamingos
zoopedia_genus_phoneutria - Brazilian Wandering Spider
zoopedia_genus_phyllobates - Yellow Poison Dart Frogs
zoopedia_genus_pongo - Bornean Orangutan
zoopedia_genus_pseudonaja - Eastern Brown Snake
zoopedia_genus_rhinoceros - Indian Rhinoceros
zoopedia_genus_scolopendra - Giant Centipedes
zoopedia_genus_struthio - Common Ostrich
zoopedia_genus_syncerus - African Buffalo
zoopedia_genus_tapirus - Barid's Tapir
zoopedia_genus_theraphosa - Goliath Bird-eater
zoopedia_genus_titanus - Titan Beetle
zoopedia_genus_tragelaphus - Nyala
zoopedia_genus_ursus - Large Bears
zoopedia_genus_varanus - Nile Monitor
zoopedia_genus_varecia - Ruffled Lemurs

thumbnail_tigon_f_normal thumbnail_tigon_j_normal thumbnail_tigon_m_normal
abb_nyala_juvenile_wet_furshake_full abb_nyala_wet_furshake_full
musical_keyboard@japanese_macaque_juvenile musical_keyboard@japanese_macaque_male
Deer Folder
Peccary Folder
Flightless Birds Folder

There's also audio clips with characters mentioning red ruffed lemurs, gila monsters, bonobos, Siberian tigers, and "pandas" (likely giant).

Edit: Forgot some genera. Also, this is not an exhaustive list. There's still genera missing given folder names that have been found.
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I will try to breed one. If it is possible in the Beta I let you know
It shouldn't be possible. The only evidence of them being in the game is strings for their thumbnails. They have no full files like lions and tigers.

Speaking of Panthera, that's where our word panther comes from. So lions and tigers are as much panthers as snow leopards or jaguars.
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Hopefully we will see some of these animals at some point (bison, macaque, hyena, ruffled lemurs, okapi ect)

and eventually maybe African Leopards and Jaguars, maybe coyotes ect.. I have a special place in my heart for coyotes, since we have a rescue "mutt" that was saved from a rural area with her siblings with her eyes still closed, turns out she's part golden retriever, part coyote :) had her DNA done, she's the sweetest.
Thrilled about the flamingos and hyenas. My local zoo has a lovely flock of flamingos in so many shades of pink, and they're so pretty.

Scratching my head about the cockroaches. Shudder :sick:
Thanks for sharing the list. I found some animals I'm excited to see. Some that are pretty much standard in a zoo game though are missing, in my opinion. But really, if they come with a dlc, I'm fine with it.

Bonobos? As happy as I am about that, I feel like Bonobos are not making sense without "whoohoo" animations. These species has sex as interactions A LOT
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I’m so excited about the flamingos! I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for those funky pink guys. I wonder how much frontier’ll stick to realism in terms of feeding them? Most of the time their food is mixed into water in their exhibit!
I’m so excited about the flamingos! I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for those funky pink guys. I wonder how much frontier’ll stick to realism in terms of feeding them? Most of the time their food is mixed into water in their exhibit!
I also think it would be cool if it were realistic enough that they changed colour based on the grade of food you feed them. So gray 1 they're more than grey/white colour, and only by feeding them grade 3 do they turn that glorious pink.
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