New April Update Coming Soon

In last week's Frontier Xtra stream Chante said a new update will be coming in April. I checked on Steam db and no new DLC was added. So I'm wondering if this update will be a free spring update? I do hope at some point we get midway games. What they can do as a new DLC is have a Midway DLC featuring some midway flat rides, midway food stands and midway games.
I hope we get some motion simulators in the game (Star Tours, Soarin). I would also love to see a Haunted Mansion Omnvimover and Test Track from Epcot type attraction.
You must not have looked very hard, as they have been uploading to steam history list solid for the last 3 weeks, more so in the last week and a half. They won’t add a dlc title, if any, until around the announcement it’s live.
The depot titles of “dev final trunk” have been added in the last week. Which means something is near.
I hope to see some of these additions in the possibly upcoming DLC.

Popcorn Stall selling Kettle Corn, Cheddar Popcorn, and Caramel Popcorn
Snow Cones Stall
Cotton Candy Stall
Pretzel Stall
Funnel Cakes Stall
Caramel Apple Stall
Some kinds of Souvenir Stalls
Info Kiosk selling maps

Techno Jump

Wipe Out




Top Scan

Giant Swing

Sling Shot

Giant Flume

More boat rides like Swan boats, Canoes, Bumper Boats, and etc.
More Kiddie Rides


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It would be a nice surprise if they found a work around to include water slides.
Yes, it would, but Frontier has always made clear that they have no plans for a "water park DLC", so I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

Looking forward to what's coming for Planet Coaster in April! :D
This Game is due a Helter Skelter, and a Paratrooper at least, not fussed about Coasters, never have been.

Not to criticize, but don't like the Ski lift or Monorail skins, these styles below I much prefer.


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