New Beginnings Help Needed Please?

Hi Everyone,
Hope you're all flying well! I have a short question I hope you can help me with please.
I have reached Allied standing with the Pilot's Federation starter system (Matet) and I decided to in my Viper MKIII accept the mission to leave the system and collect the £100.000 credits.
I arrived at a system known as Aornum. It went as expected, except that I am now being offered missions that far exceed my abilities and those of my current ship. Especially the bounty hunter missions. They are no longer for single wanted outlaws but instead for mass groups of criminals way to hard for me to attempt to go for without group assistance which the mission outlines recommend, but I'm playing in solo mode?
I was wondering if any of you might know of a good strategic move out of this present niggle, such as maybe moving to a more favourable system for my level? I guess I'm just a bit lost again (Surprise! lol).
I'd appreciate any advice.
thanks guys,

BJ :)
Thanks Alien,
I know they are optional missions, but I opted to do it and you know there's no going back in ED, so I am in a new system and I bit lost hence my original post.
Now you've left the starter systems you'll be offered all sorts of missions, many of which are meant only for Elite (or at least experienced Cmdrs) and those flying in Wings or at least with the kind of massive cargo carriers or heavily armed ships that can take on Wing missions. The number of Wing missions offered on the mission board is a bone of contention with many Cmdrs who only play by themselves regardless of whether its in Open, Private Group or Solo.

Rule no.1 from now on is read the mission descriptions very carefully before you accept them. Check how much cargo capacity is required (or how many trips it will take you back and forth to deliver it,) how many pirates you're required to kill, check what rank you are recommended to be and have a look at how far you may need to go in supercruise.

You can still make a very good living with your Viper in the big bad Bubble but now may be time to think about a small cargo ship to give you some options for trading (missions or your own A-B efforts.) If you want to stick with Bounties just head to a res site and hand in the bounties at you local station.

With regard to a system suitable for your just left it 😉 but don't worry you can make a good living from most systems, usually those in a Boom state. Don't be afraid to move around in the game and don't be afraid to ask further questions.

Check out the Newcomers sub-forum. There are some amazingly experienced Cmdrs there who give fantastic advice, in great but simple detail sticking closely to the specifics of your questions - a great place to start!

o7 Cmdr - enjoy the Bubble, its great fun out there
Welcome to ED!

If your mission is asking you to kill X amounts of pirates, you can just fight one at a time. Install an FSD Interdictor to your ship, and pull over any single ship (ships not in a wing), labeled as MISSION TARGET. Then you're in a 1v1, which is usually very easy. Try to avoid pulling anything significantly bigger or higher ranked than you. As most definitely avoid dangerous, deadly and elite NPC's, as they have engineering.

If its an assassination mission you can't cope with, but refuse to abandon (there's very little consequences for abandoning one mission), find a friend to help you take them down.
Rock Hunter and CMDR Cosmic,
Thank you so much for your detailed and considered advice. It's great and basically confirms all the truths I hoped didn't exist now but definitely do.
Thank you for letting me know how to go about building a way through this starting point, I can see more clearly now how to proceed. Really appreciate that!
thanks again,
Bj :)
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