Buildings & Attractions New buildings with positive and negative effects on surrounding Buildings

This might be good for differentiating new guest buildings, with certain ones having logical effects in reality, as something additional to their own service.

A Rock climbing facility for example could increase the rating/customers for nearby Drink buildings, with Rock Climbing being a dehydrating activity (as would anything high activity).

Conversely a Roller Coaster could decrease the rating/customers for nearby Food buildings, due to people constantly loosing their lunch (as would be the case for any fast, amusement park ride sort of attraction).

A common thing to end up doing (outside of challenge mode anyway) is putting all your guest buildings near Hotels, so a negative effect on Capacity could liven things up, the disadvantage would have to be worthwhile though. Loud things, like a Roller Coaster, or Night Club could fit that mould. Smelly things like a Petting Zoo could also maybe do that.
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I heard this idea before and I really like it, I just wish buildings had more of an impact and that there were more buildings. Just give me more building please.
I take it you're influenced by PZ's staff building?
I was just inspired by a recent topic on the subreddit, basically they were listing a whole bunch of buildings, and I was thinking what could maybe be done with what's similar to what we've seen in game already (storm protection coverage).

It is nice to know that similar ideas have been suggested before though.
It's not exactly an idea, Thylaco. It's a feature. Guests don't like it when they're around staff building in PZ, although the radius is questionable at best. Even if you hide them with plants/ put them underground, they will complain. Plus, some people think that buildings like keeper huts shouldn't have that radius because they're encouraging BTS in zoos these days, but then again, will a zookeeper enjoy being stared by a dozen tourists while he/she's doing work? Most likely no.
I see, I didn't realise you were talking about Planet Zoo. I haven't really bothered following that stuff seeing as I'm a console peasant.
I like this idea. I think it would be interesting as it would make you better consider where you place certain buildings, and would add more of an over-arching structural requirement to the parks in the game.
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