New? Chance of Piracy Scenario at Convoy Dispersal Pattern [Threat 2]

Is this new?

Tonight I was having another crack at NPC Piracy (since the last patch there have been some changes/improvements).

Normally I ignore these Convoy signals, since Low Temp Diamond ships in supercruise are much more lucrative.
As soon as I dropped in, one of Fdev's "Scenarios" kicked off (completeable, with objectives etc...).

So I've seen many "Scenarios" at Installations, and CZ's, but this the first time I've seen at one of these Convoy type signals that have been in game for ages. I've also been around the Guardian Initiative CG Convoy signals and never had one of these.

In this vid, I took some time to decide how to best complete the objective. Eventually deciding to tank it. After completing the scenario, the NPC was still there loaded with more loot, so I disabled, and bump stopped him to completely rob.

Anyway, very nice to see this, although here is a little feedback for Fdev:
  • Pirating NPC's scenario like this obviously needs to be completed quickly - this means it didn't feel practical to do the type of piracy players tend to enjoy - skilled, careful disabling of the ship, typically bump stopping the ship etc... Instead it was better just to hatchbreak, stop, and tank their wrath while your limpets collect - ugh, yuck, it works - but feels dumb. Zero finesse involved.
  • lots of loot but was low value stuff, so more for the fun than reward, and I guess if you are working BGS, it's another way to support a faction/harm a rival faction.
Next up: I'm definitely going to look for a Ceremonial signal next - these are crying out for a "scenario" - please Fdev?
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I enjoy these new impromptu scenarios and often check out USS just to see what can happen. Last night I dropped into a convoy signal to find a similar pirate attack in progress. Managed to distract the pirate Anaconda, Python and Viper in my 2x pulse laser DBX until the police finally arrived and then helped finish them off. Very satisfying.
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