New Coaster Ideas

That's a great lsit!

There are also some very interesting parts and coaster systems / station systems coming with these coasters partly (Depending on the layout aso.). In general, some more tech / systems / tech parts would be fantastic [yesnod]
Great List!
You should copy/paste it into this thread, so that the DEV-Team can easily see what to do next [tongue]
Most of the rides you listed are absolutely essential and should be in a modern game. Especially anything with the name SCHWARZKOPF on it!

The following however can mostly be created with train-swapiing:
Gravity Group Wooden Coaster with Timberliner Trains (Ex. Mine Blower)
Premier Rides Sky Rocket 2 (Ex. Tempesto)
Gerstlauer Infinity Dive Coaster (Ex. Hangtime)
Arrow Dynamics Hybrid (Ex. Gemini)

We don´t know much about this one yet, though:
Vekoma Launched Flying Dutchman (Ex. F.L.Y)
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