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Hello all-

First and foremost, as I am brand spankimg new to this game and these forum, I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place and/or done to death. But, that said...

Just got this game on Xbox. Loving it so far, even though I am just... so confused. I can at least hyperspace jump around a bit, and I’m learning where all the things in the menus are. Anyways, I was curious if this game has guilds or player groups at all? I’d love to find some folks to play this with when I’m not deep space exploring.



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Welcome to the galaxy, Commander!

There are lots of player groups, but the best place to start is saying hello in the Looking for Friends thread. It's the thread where new players just look for other players to chat with and to add as friends in-game.
We have lots of player groups covering all aspects - PvP, piracy, mining, exploration, trading, Xenos (hunting and protecting), etc. Have a look through the groups section for a player group to hang with, or have a browse through the Squadron list in-game
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There are a number of 'Groups' on Xbox which you can search for, 'Elite Dangerous Club' being one, there are many other E.D. related ones I'm sure you could find one with a description that intrigues you; they have a 'Start Club Party' feature where you can post and join people that are currently online.

You may wish to check these features out to find like minded game specific players.

Within E.D. game itself you have the 'Squadrons' check the R.H.S. panel to access and find one you like the sound of.
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