New Community Manager - Bruce Garrido

As a matter of interest, some people might like to know Frontier's criteria for CMs:

• Generate and host original content for our channels (Twitch/YouTube/events) to raise product visibility and awareness
• Planning and scheduling initiatives to drive engagement within the relevant communities
• Positively engage across all channels as a representative of Frontier
• Work closely with internal teams (PR, Marketing, Product Management, Customer Support, and Developers) to better support our gaming communities and communication strategies
• Organise and participate in events and groups to build communities and grow awareness
• Build relationships with players and industry professionals.

About You

• Ability to communicate confidently and effectively both verbally and in writing
• Collaborative approach
• Pro-active and creative approach to projects and content
• Confident working in a fast-paced environment and able to react positively to change
• Ability to accurately report and monitor feedback
• Fluency in spoken and written English
• Willing and able to travel to industry events and conventions
• A passion for video games.
• Experience in a similar CM role with emphasis on live streaming and written content creation
• Good understanding of social media channels.

• Experience in the gaming industry
• Knowledge of streaming software (OBS) and hardware.
• Second European language
• Knowledge of Frontier games

(Google it if you need the source,)
Yeah wow it's like actually playing the game on live streams is a tiny part of the role. Who'd have thought...
Welcome Aboard Bruce.

Being assigned to such a daunting role can be, to say the least, a formidable challenge in a community of very experienced commanders, most whom have been here since the kick-starter. You have some very large shoes to fill and following in those footsteps will test your knowledge and experience with this game.

Although the community blames Sir. T.J. for most of the stuff that goes wrong around here, he would certainly be a good mentor and wingman should you find yourself perplexed with this communities responses. What this forum and community needs most is a Community Manager that can not only manage, but to communicate with this community on Frontier's direction and expansion of this game for the future, in a proactive and informative manner as we move forward.

You will shortly learn that this game, to those who are here and play, to us, it is more than just a game. It has a rich and vibrant history, somewhat lacking in communicated lore, developed in 1984 when most of us where kids. We are passionate, sometimes defensive and protective of our beloved game and will challenge those who wish to make changes with passionate debate, to include some of those changes made by Frontier. It is not uncommon to see this community respond to game changes with fervent opinions not seen in other games of this type by using other venues to express options, both positive and negative.

If you can master the art of community communication for a game with such a long and rich history, diverse following and dedicated fan base, you will have earned the trust we gave to the people who's footsteps you now find yourself following.

Best of luck in your new position.

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