New Community Manager - Sally Morgan-Moore


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
Greetings Commanders!

My name is Sally Morgan-Moore and I'm absolutely thrilled to be rejoining Frontier as your latest member of the incredible Community Management team for Elite: Dangerous.

Some of you may know me from my previous roles at Frontier back between 2016-2019 where I started off in Production for Elite, before moving into Product Management for a year where I became ever closer to this amazing community we have today.

During my time in Production the first ever feature I worked on was the Camera Suite, which many of you absolutely knock my socks off with on a daily basis by what you capture using it. I am constantly obsessing over snapshots of your adventures on Twitter, so do definitely keep sharing them with us please!

I've been floating around in Elite: Dangerous since launch and I literally only fly one ship on my personal account (Cobra MkIII - Pink Wafer), because I'm emotionally bound to it and therefore have attachment issues...

Prior to Frontier I've worked within teams at Codemasters, Blitz Games Studios (with super cool titles for the likes of Disney and Dreamworks), Wizards of the Coast at Stainless and No Brakes Games. Aside from the McDonalds drivethrough experience I had as a weekend job at school, my life has been pinned to a career in this incredible industry and I can't see it any differently.

Hooray for being back in the Frontier family nest!

Here's to celebrating more incredible times with you all - old friends and new friends of Elite: Dangerous and more!

Keep up the amazing enthusiasm and passion for the galaxy, and here's to an exciting new chapter with Odyssey!

o7 Commanders.
See you in the black.

Twitter: smorganmoore
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