"New Computer Designs Announced"


New Computer Designs Announced
16 AUG 3304

Federal Times journalist Harlow Nassry has highlighted two new personal computer designs currently in development:

“For a long time, the Sirius and Achilles corporations have been the main suppliers of personal computing devices, but two smaller companies are aiming to challenge that monopoly.”

“The first company, Supratech, is working on a revolutionary design called the Torc, a flexible ring that coils around the user’s wrist or neck. It uses high-resolution holographic projectors to surround the user with illuminated displays and motion-sensitive interfaces.”

“The second company, Herculean Machines, has taken a more down-to-earth approach. The Duradrive is a chunky, durable tablet designed to withstand rough handling. Herculean has promised a range of peripherals, allowing users to custom-build their own version of the device.”

“Both companies plan to reveal prototypes of their designs at a technology expo in October. But can the market support two rival products? We’ll no doubt be hearing more about the Torc and Duradrive in the near future.”
So, wearable, mixed-reality computing, to be formally announced at an "expo" October. This seems full of potential for what might happen after the end of Beyond. Also, what gaming conventions or Expos are there in October? I can't think of any.
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I like how they teased first some kind of wrist-worn holo projector like Star Citizen's obnoxious in-your-face "mobi" but then quickly said there could also be "down to earth" alternatives, lol.

Agreed, another tease of SL past the Krait trailer, in terms of a SL peripheral. ( What do you think now Vasea (Azure)? [big grin] )
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I'd be happy if it was a tease for the FX18 Expo.
Expo definitely not happening, there would be announcement at this point. More likely there will be reveal of premium DLCs at one of trade shows during October - or FD might even do special media party for that.

There can be lot of ways it goes, but yeah, too much on noise with FD concept arts of personal holographic interface. For what it will be used and does it imply space legs we don't know, but exciting nevertheless.
Now would be the perfect time to introduce a Space Legs Speculation subforum, because Dangerous Discussion is already awash with legs threads and now they're going to explode (the threads, not the legs).

Personally I need some positivity so I'm all aboard the hype train with this one. I know it's basically pure speculation, but until the (perhaps inevitable) disappointment I'm going to be doing this...

...and you can't stop me.
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