"New Computer Designs Announced"

The bad news: Space legs are not coming.

The good news: To compensate for the lack of space-legs, we'll be getting space-wheelchairs. Paint jobs will include glowing wheels and kits will include machine guns (either under the seat or right next to your ears so you can hear the first blast of the gun before you go deaf).

Please ensure, however, that the planet you use it on is wheelchair-friendly. No thrusters on these things.

It's a wheelchair. Some side-fumbling may occur.
You forgot the collision hull-less spoilers for your wheelchair kits. Personally, I'm holding out until we get Guardian Wheelchairs, just to listen to all the yitzing about how much of a grind it is....

"arms race" between computer companies................leads to AI.....leads to new threat to the rest of us
Which comes from old thread to all of us - namely us.

Makes me glad to be a one of me instead.
So what is the Duradrive?

"Prototypes for both the Torc and the Duradrive will be unveiled at the Rackham Ultratech Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of October."


Is this still planned?

This is one day before the livestream about Beyond Chapter Four.
I think we need a durable tablet (Duradrive) if we can walk around, interact with other things and view data.

It needs to be durable for working on planets, on-board or outside a ship.
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looks like both designs are still on the table after the CG's....despite what was implied proving once again that all outcomes are pre-determined and are merely scripted to make players feel like they're participating.

Still, given what the outcome would have been had it been left up to the community, that's a good thing I guess?

The competing campaigns from technology companies Supratech and Herculean Machines have come to an end. Huge quantities of technological components were contributed to the initiatives, which will be used to support the manufacture of new personal computers.

As the Supratech campaign drew to an end, company CEO Scorpio DeVorrow issued the following statement:

“I can’t thank the galactic community enough for its support. We believe the Torc is something really special, and due to the support we’ve had we can begin manufacture at once.”

His business rival Maddox Hurd, CEO of Herculean Machines, had this to say:

“We’ve received an awe-inspiring response, proving that pilots everywhere want technology that can stand the test of time.”

Pilots who contributed commodities to Supratech can collect their rewards from Roberts Port in the Fedmich system, while pilots who contributed commodities to Herculean Machines can collect their rewards from Cowper Dock in the Anima system.
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This and the rogue mining robot I think are signs of what is to come in the future.

FDev have a habit of teasing future content on galnet.
Was'nt there a galnet article about another bot that decided to spill the beans on its user for no reason other that it wanted to? Rise of the machines indeed.
Holographic projectors to wear on the wrist? Tablets?

I don't know about you guys but I smell spacelegs.
A group of Elite content creators were invited to see Ch4 stuff yesterday and they have all confirmed NO SPACE LEGS AND NO ATMOSPHERIC LANDINGS in Ch4...so chill out already.
There are the Constructs which the Guardians created. They could still be out there. An alien robotic species is cooler than human engineered.
I reckon they are 100% out there, I also reckon the little pieces of guardian tech we are getting is being released by the construct in return for power and reactivating their facilities for them.
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