Work In Progress New creature - Sea turtle

Ha - I've started a Turtle too! I'll do something else instead..
Oh, dang... Sorry about that! Though there's always gonna be some overlap. And I think if people have an aquarium, having a couple different types of each critter to choose from can make it look more varied, especially as any animations will be different too. I love your fish and penguin!

What other animals are you looking to work on? I've got a big list of stuff I'd love to see in game, so I'm happy to rearrange my list to work on other stuff sooner instead. I was thinking to do more water creatures for a while - giant clam, dolphin, stingray, moray eel, lobster, octopus, that kind of thing. But if you're heading in that direction, I was also thinking to try and tackle some tropical or forest animals too! Or perhaps more humanoid stuff, though I'm not sure my modeling skills are quite there yet. Ehh, I have way too many ideas, haha.
….. Oh, dang... Sorry about that! Though there's always gonna be some overlap. ….
There's nothing wrong with overlap, and that "issue" is as biased as the filesize discussion. Just because someone uploaded a certain object doesn't mean no one else can do it.

I can give you three examples:

Number one, the revolving tunnels. I've had revolving tunnels in the works until i threw them out weeks ago because too many others were uploading them so i shied away.

Number two, the neon signs and neon-related objects: in this case i told myself to not look left or right as those are actually on my list for a very long time. The alpha clip neon signs, i initially made those back in 2007 (Second Life) and they can still, to this day, be found as stolen copies within SL. But i designed the "trademarks" and the lookdev so why should i shy away from that?

Number three: I've started my Epcot3D project in 2014 and made loads of assets (though high-poly models for cinematic rendering with full detail), i wanted to prep the theme park bin for PlanCo but again, there's some mediocre TPbins already uploaded. I will still get back to prepping it, as it's a 1:1 copy of the Epcot trash bin.
I already know people will think "oh he's just copying others" while i know it ain't true at all.

So let's concentrate on the creation side, we're all talented artists here, and if overlap happens, so be it.
I don't look left or right, i just do my thing and that's it.

The difference is if someone copied unique items that are actually a creation by the artist. (certain designs, for example)

How do you judge who was first or who copied? Is it counted from the moment someone uploads? Or when you write it on paper?
It's nice to make an organised effort and everyone concentrate on a certain aspect, but that's more of a convenience thing really.

SarrahW, you're making good progress and DED is doing some nice things too, but we will all clash at one point (in terms of having similar items). Doesn't mean anyone is copying.
I'll be getting back onto making some rocks sets in the near future, i've seen Dead Eye Duck upload some, but i don't think he's mad if i DON'T throw away my own designs and the ones i'm planning to do since like forever (because i've been building with the vanilla rocks for so long i know what kind of rocks i personally would want to have in my inventory to get back to building my parks and rides)(no i never uploaded any parks or rides because i just prefer to keep them to myself, with assets it's a different story though)




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