New/DLC animals, new color mutations and hybrids

New animals:
-Deer (Daniel deer)
-Przewalski's horse
-African Wild Donkey
-Indian Wild Donkey
-Tasmanian Devil
-European/Arctic Fox
-Maned Wolf
-Polar bear
-Fennec fox
-Striped hyena
-Brown hyena
-Cougar/Moutain Lion
-Honey Badger
-Petting zoo animals (goats, rabbits, pigs, sheeps, ponies)
-Aquatic animals

Color variations
We have Albino/Leucistic animals, but what about other mutations? Melanism and piebald would be great for some animals

Cheetah - King cheetah variant
Tiger - Golden, white stripless, melanistic
Zebra - odd striped, little striped, melanistic - More patterns for zebras than just 1 for females and one for males
Jaguar/Leopard - Strawberry/Golden
Lion - Tsavo (maneless male)


wolf, Giraffe, African Wild Dog, Snakes, Leopards, Couguars, Coyotes, deers, foxes, Elephants, Camels, Racoons, mooses, penguins, Peacock, Bison

Mooses, Camels, Wolves, Deers, Snakes, Peacocks, bison, crocodile

I don't know a lot of mixed breeding in this game, although I saw achievment for getting elephant baby from two different elephant species.
Would be nice to have those possibilities as well:
Lion+Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard+Tiger
Bengal Tiger+Siberian Tiger
Wolf + Coyote
Zebra + Donkey/horse/pony

EDIT: Never mind, I learned that I just misunderstood the achievment. It would be cool to be able to breed hybrids anyway but they wouldn't be very practical, or atleast some of them
Liger for example would have short lifespan, low immunity, would eat a lot so it's maintaining would be really expensive

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Ahh I wanted to start a thread for unique coat patterns but here we are xD So I'll just add on if that's okay!

Brown panda bears

Ticked, or spotless, cheetahs
(Also there's no proof of this one but people think cheetahs can get the strawberry mutation same as leopards)
I adore the fact that we have albino/leucistic animals, but I thing it would be great to have like 3 or 4 different regular coats with slightly different shade/pattern so it would be easier to tell our animals apart
An "albino" or "melanistic" wolf as albinos are shown in this game typically(looking at you, white tigers...) would not actually be albino or melanistic... melanism especially, because wolves just naturally come in both white and black colorations. It's not a mutation, it's not albinism or melanism, it's just a natural color variation for them. Honestly I think wolves in general should have a wide range of color variation in general, without a need for actual "melanism" or "albinism" mutations- albinism maybe if they bother to give them pink noses and eye lines, and red-blue eyes, but in general I'd like wolves to have variation WITHOUT it being a rare mutation.
Woah that really does look like a ticked cheetah. I'm so glad they're in! But there's no proof that the ticked mutation is in any way related to albinism to my knowledge. Please tell me it's not labeled as albino in-game lmao.
I didn't got any albino yet, but I'm afraid that everythig for now is labeled as an "albino", even though a lot of them are not really albinos (lion, cheetah, zebra, tiger)
It's cool because that cheetah actually does look ticked! But it definitely makes me reel to know they're actually calling that an albino. That... No, Frontier, no! This is an educational game and yet so many of the "albinos" aren't albino and it physically hurts.

If they actually do have a brown panda that's listed as albino I'm going to be very,very disappointed in them 😭
Yeah... That screenshot description is "Albino baby" so I assume they actually call everything an albino.
They should have "color mutation" label rather then "albino" TwT

The "albino" variation of cheetah is spotless! 😃
Is it because of the lighting or is it really a normal colored Cheetah without Spots? And they still call it a Albino? I can understand that someone thinks that a leucistic Animal is a Albino but a Zoo should be educational and so a Zoo-Simulation should be educational too. Are there even real Albinos in the Game? They really should change the Term they are using for this. Also I want to know if a Animal in the Game can have more than one Color-Mutation. I would really like to see a King Cheetah and a pseudo-melanistic Tiger

I don't know a lot of mixed breeding in this game, although I saw achievment for getting elephant baby from two different elephant species.
This happened only one Time and maybe it never happens again because both Species aren't in the same Genus. It is a wrong Translation in at least one Language. It is really about having Offspring of each Elephant-Species in the same Zoo. If you are interested in Hybrids : during the Beta Files of a Tigon where data mined. Maybe it is in the Game. I've tried to breed one in Sandbox but they weren't breeding. Maybe I did something wrong that I should've done before trying to crossbreed both Species
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