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EDIT: We’ve made an adjustment to the original forum post regarding the new Bug Reporting system. Our apologies for any misunderstanding or inconvenience caused.
Are the current bug reports being seen and acted on? QA has been surprisingly quiet the last couple of weeks...
Completely different teams, but whatever.

I'd like some minor adjustments too (less wasted space, more visual difference for threads with new posts, just making them bold is a bit hard to read at first glance) and I get that black/white vs white/black is an issue for many.

But it's not the end of the world. Let's not exaggerate for once.
It appears I wasn't clear with to who I was directing my criticism towards. I apologize for that. My criticism wasn't of the ED development team, nor was it of those running the website. I was directing it to the upper management of Frontier Development. They're the ones who're telling the teams what's to be worked on. They're the ones who appear to have emphasised redesigning the website over fixing long-term bugs and/or quality-of-life issues players would like addressed. Take the disappearing stars as an example. The first post on the PS4 side about it went up on the 15th of December (I don't know if any were made for the Xbox or PC platforms before that). Here it is April and we still have this issue, yet out of eight different threads (that I could find) only four have responses from anyone at FD, and those have all mostly been "We're aware of the issue." Now if I were a manager of a video game company that made a game set in outer space that had stars vanishing after traveling from system to system and it wasn't part of a storyline I would want to place a high priority on getting it fixed.

Now as for the new website itself, I'm rather unimpressed by it. I think the theme is ugly, it's harder to tell which threads that are new from ones getting new posts, I can't tell if any threads are stickied anymore, and IMO, the issue tracker portion seems to be a complete mess.
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