New FRJ ship interior video.

This is great, the wood paneling in the cabin has the feel of a 1970's seamaster 813!
How were the positions of the items worked out? Did the creator of the video target them, fire and see where they were (i/e target the powerplant etc) or is it best guess?
It is a well done film, I liked seeing how all the internal slots actually can fit in a ship (though suspect you could no longer do that for all ships). It did occur to me that none of those internal fittings are very convenient for space travel, though...
Impressive work but the interiors assume a constant source of gravity always pulling towards the floor.
Always thought ED should embrace artificial gravity (with handwavium restrictions to explain why it's still better to have large space stations spin). Not only would it make spacelegs easier, it would explain why people living in planetary bases on 2g+ worlds don't die.
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