New FSS Feedback thread - Good and Bad

Nailed it (I Hope) - Features are the root cause - systems with bodies but no features seem ok. However if there are features (Bio Geo) then you get stutter.
I had stutter in system without features too on landables.

By the way I like the new system, but I miss the numbers in the locations list. When mapping a planet, you can see the POIs, geo1, geo2 etc. But it not show the numbers in the list, so if I want to visit another that for example on the sunny side, I can't select it from the list. FDev, please, bring back the numbers in the location list.
The update sounds like a bit of both good and ugly.

Think I'll wait a week or so for the fix it follow up patch ....
Huge stuttering when entering a system. Not only for me.

Only happens when there are planets with geological sites in system. Systems that only contain stars or planets without geological sites don't cause this stuttering.
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Just like past beta's stuff gets changed after the beta without a follow up and then gets released live with more issues than the beta had in the first place.
Studdering, especially in VR, may be the result of the "Integrated Oodle network compression library to reduce network bandwidth" which may have been put into the update, AFTER the beta we tested on last year.
No, if you read the thread from the start (haha who reads threads before replying right?) it's because any system body which is landable and has geo/bio PoI's, is having those PoI's calculated right after you jump into the system. This is to do with the game client doing maths, nothing to do with networking.
Can confirm OP findings - I can put up with stutter for a few mins if exploring as only going in straight line anyway, do like the changes in System map, notepad not needed anymore. Probably pretty annoying in the Bubble though.

I was sitting here thinking, if i download it can i handle those key binds? Went and checked last night and i have actually cleaned all folders off so my old ones are gone :( It would probabaly only have taken an hour.. i mean 2 at most to bind the keys and then...

So sad. If exploration had been left up to me the player would have been given a vast amount of information for free when they arrived in the system. Like almost everything. So they could actually choose if they wanted to play or not. I definitly see what people mean that its just like fallout lockpick from certain pov.

The path of insanity :)

Edit: NASA has built a newish capsule. Its all AI, the computers are doing so much. I think there are plans to trust it to maintain itself while the crew goes to the surface, moon first and then posibilitys. Thats alot of trust on a personal level :)
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Waiting until the end of the week to tried again. Jumping to Shinrarta stutters and Resource extraction site turned into a stuttery mess. My Ryzen 3700x and RX 5700xt dipping down to 30fps at 1080p.
Gonna wait for patch-patch to release I think. Still, I like the changes to discovery/exploration and presentation of info in system map. Hope the patch-patch fixes the stuttering. I'll see tonight if the stutter impacts me or not. If it does I'll wait. That's something that drives me nuts in general.
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