New game play - joining NCP wing crews

Just an Idea for expanded game play.

I’ve often thought how nice it would be to join one of the NCP wings that fly into Rez sites. The xxx cartel for example.
What would be cool would be to send an invite and the wing to accept you. This could start a whole new “career” whilst you are part of this wing crew. You’d leave your ship and assume the role of one of the NCP wing members. Perhaps start off the career in an eagle. First thing you’d have to do it ‘prove yourself’ in combat. Then like the tutorials you go off on specific scenarios assisting certain aspects of the missions. They may dock in stations giving you the chance to earn money for your contributions whereby you can spend money on upgrading that ship your in or buy a new one. It’s like a whole new ED account for the duration of wing membership. Perhaps the ultimate goal would be to challenge for the leadership role.
Wing missions could be assaination, capture specific cargo from known haulers, protection, delivery, etc.
If you die you would perhaps go back several stages of wing rank.
You’d be able to return to your regular ship and account at any time. It would be interesting to persist your NCP wing carter to resume at a later stage. If you were to join a new NCO wing then you’d permanently leave the original and start a fresh with the new crew.

What do you think FDEV? Thus could make Elite an amazing game
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