New Game Play with New and Current Animals

I know I want to be able to have marine animals like dolphins and whales, seals, sea lions, walruses, turtles, and aquariums.

More than that however, I think it would be really awesome to be able to have events where guests could pay for special encounters with animals, and have special shows with staff members who do things with the animals like in real zoos. Like when a keeper talks to families about lizards and birds and has one on their shoulder that they can see right in front of them. Or a spot where only people who pay extra get to feed certain animals, or get close to the animals.

Also I really would LOVE IT if certain animals could be trained special for EPIC shows, like Sea World does. That could bring in trainers who work with the animals, developing relationships and being in charge of shows. That could bring a whole other aspect of creativity where you can choreograph a show and train animals to perform it with awesome backdrops and creative lights and music. I think that would be awesome! You could make your show dramatic, funny, storyline, super educational, or just tricks. And an overall idea of conservation would be awesome.

And a rescue area with animals who are seriously hurt that can be rehabilitated into the wild would be awesome.

The aquarium side of other games is relatively untouched and if it has been attempted, generally the graphics suck... Planet Zoo has the amazing graphics to pull this off in an amazing way and could truly take hold of the market for this kind of game play.
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