New guy on the block

Honestly I'm really enjoying the game I know it's been out awhile so I had kinda posted here to check the pulse of the online community before I drop money on Horizons. Looks like y'all aren't dead yet so it will probably be worth it
A bit late but welcome cmdr!!!
I've got about 3000 hours in ED so yeah definitely worth the money.
If you want the most out of this game get Horizons though.

Hello folks !!!

Nice to meet you Commander Chief JD. I seem to be ready to depart the Federation District and was warned I'll not be able to come back. Can I still transfer my ships out of there? or should I sell them and liquidate my assets?

Also concern with all the rumors that there are plenty of pirates and evildoers out in the black waiting to smach "La Tigrita" and me along with it. What would be the best shield and hull busters weapon to place on "La Tigrita" (Cobra Mk III)? I did busted that bottle of rum on its hull and called her that. Any advice on how much armor I should get?


Don Porcino Verraco
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