New hope for landable moon?

Aren't they basically waiting for in-game cities before they let us land on the moon. IIRC, it's supposed to be pretty heavily populated, not just a couple of starports.
Issue 1 - the 3D handcrafted model needs to be massaged into the terrain generation system of Elite Dangerous, so it can be stored as a "seed" and then generated procedurally to the accurate 3D model.
Issue 2 - need good Detailed 3D models and scans to faithfully recreate the moon (?)
Issue 3 - The moon is not a dead ball, it's got sprawling cities and infrastructure.

My assumption is that the moon is currently textured ball with no geometry in elite dangerous.

The moon (like Earth herself) which will be the final step in Elite Dangerous of walking around planets, and will be a test bed, because of the high-demand of quality and accuracy.
This subconscious expectation level of quality and accuracy for "The moon", is a really high-bar to match in-game, as we have in our heads deep deep down, reference images of how the moon 'should' look from photos. Effectively it's the uncanny valley syndrome. So we got to be kind to our own instincts and the devs.

Then add onto the city generation and the infrastructure between them, and npc's to boot, going about their day.
This is an insane undertaking. All of which that procedurally ripples down into every habitable planet,
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