New hybrid idea: the early concept of the Indominus rex as its own creature

Was looking through some Jurassic World stuff and I came upon the creation of the Indominus rex, and after seeing the early ideas for its design I thought "Now this thing would make one heck of an interesting addition to the game". Something just outright demonic and at a single glance you know it was made to be a murderer, a vicious ruthless beast of terror.

It can also be an expansion to the "Secrets of Dr. Wu" DLC, with the story being that Dr. Wu has finalized the design for a new weaponized hybrid dinosaur, and he needs you to create and test it. It would require 100% genomes of the Spinosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Majungasaurus, and Deinonychus in order to research it, then a series of missions observing and testing it, for example its durability and disease resistance, reactions to other dinosaurs, and sociability with others of its kind. After those are complete, Dr. Wu congratulates you on a job well done and has the test subject airlifted away, and then you've completed the story content and can now make it normally.

Stat-wise it can be in-between the Allosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus in length and height, with similar grassland and forest needs as the Ceratosaurus, and a small Wetland requirement and can use the Fish Feeder from its Spinosaurus DNA. Population and Social-wise it will kill and fight all of the herbivores except the sauropods, but regarding the other theropods it can be unique in that it can live peacefully with the four dinosaurs that make up its genome thanks to their Social abilities, even becoming the Alpha for a Deinonychus pack. It can also be with up to two others of its own kind comfortably. As for its Comfort needs, it can be as high-strung as the Indominus rex and Indoraptor since it is meant to be a weapon. Its fighting and killing animations can be more brutal than the other theropods, with vicious tearing and clawing animations when it delivers a blow and absolutely goring the opponent when killing it, stabbing its claws into the victim and wrenching the head/neck back and forth to break it and then tossing the lifeless body to the ground.
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