New Hybrids

New hybrids for Jurassic World Evolution (3 more one last time)

Carnoraptor (Carnotaurus+Velociraptor)
Edmontoguanodon (Edmontosaurus+Iguanodon)
Tyrannolophosaurus (Tyrannosaurus+Dilophosaurus)
I think the guys idea about the Ultimasaurus would finish the hybrids, it would be a good fan service for those of us who followed the chaos effect line as kids. But honestly, even I would say that would conclude the hybrid string
I dont think making the Ultimasaurus that only a few would buy is something not worth the effort & probably wont be making profit in the first place. All models take time & money to develop. Second, Ultimasaurus is created by Kenner, owned by Hasbro, & both are in no way affiliated with FD, or even Universal, so yeah, so little to no chance of it happening, even then, there's no point in putting it in the game anyway.
Point is, Nostalgia doesn't equate to profit when it comes to developing game assets, dont forget, Universal owns the IP.
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