New idea: smuggling compartments

New idea: smuggling compartments placeable inside the regular fright compartments.

Why? Because the current scanning procedure with a 100% detection is boring, annoying and useless.

Depending on the quality against scanning the size decreases yet the chances of not being detected increases.
---> Those compartments must be placed INSIDE the regular module and will be 25% the size of the regular module.
---> You need to fill the the smuggling module first THEN you have to fill the regular module on top of it with 75% of legal goods to hide the
illegal goods.

"I'd never thought I'd be smuggling myself in them"

That's about it!
I suspect things like this 'may' be coming.

One of the lesser discussed comments made on one of the early beta live streams i think was a comment that there would be new passenger cabins called a 'prison module'. Though no explanation was given I am guessing its to specifically transport criminals and fugitives.

It 'may' be an indicator of a cargo/passenger modules being more specific in theri use... a smuggling hold would be useful too.

Though it would need to be limited in size... I can just see the cargo handling crew now, stood in a legal 4 ton cargo bay on board a cutter wondering why its so small when there is a 'hidden' 700 ton smuggling cargo hold they can't find.
Here an idea. Maybe look at the DDF forums to view some of their ideas and post more detail ideas.
It's a shame Cargo Rack engineering isn't a thing...

G1-5 Mods available:
Thermal Sink: -% Thermal Load, -% Cargo Space (basically, adds material to make them big heatsinks)
Armoured: +% ship HP (or resistances?), -% Cargo Space
Cannibalised: -% Ship HP, -% module integrity, +% Cargo Space
Secured Load: +% Cargo Hatch Integrity, +% hatch breaker time required, +ship mass

Experimental Modifications:
- Corrosion Resistant (as current effect), -50% cargo space, immune to corrosion
- Shielded: Decreases scan resolution range of other ships,
- Ammo racks: -20% cargo space, +10% ammo capacity

... can't think of any more, but you get the idea.
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