New in the shop - careful, spoilers

Ugly. The challenger would be never for me, I don't like the Chieftain either.

Why did they remove the front engines and replaced them with two much smaller ones on a spoiler in the back?

Hello CyberTX,

There are indeed 12 pieces instead of 16 and we've now corrected the description.

We've also adjusted the price of this ship kit and would strongly recommend those who have already purchased it to contact Customer Support by clicking here.

We apologise for the inconvinence caused!

Can you have a word with the ship kit guys and make a Raider Kit for the FAS please?

Can you also tell him to make a standard ship kit for the Viper Mk4.
My wallet is bottle necked at this purchase..
Actually, I quite like this ship kit. Lots of smaller, more subtle additions rather than a MASSIVE SPOILER that's too big, but the ship looks bare with nothing..
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