New laptop to finally buy Planet Coaster

Hey, could do with some help with buying a new laptop. Need a laptop for basic work things like Microsoft office, storing pics from my phone, the normal stuff. But also want to finally have a laptop that I can play Planet Coaster on!

So I considered getting a gaming laptop (I need to be able to take it with me for work etc so can't get a desktop).

Went to pc world and they recommended a non gaming laptop, about £100 more expensive than the gaming ones I found online.

I don't know the difference between different graphics cards or which is best etc so could really use some help with which would be better! Any advice is much welcomed. Want to get the best I can at the lowest price basically. Price is a massive issue, so needs to be as low as possible. I'd love a £1000 laptop, but it's just not doable. Plus, planet coaster is one of only two games I'd want to play really. So I just can't justify spending loads.

So I've posted pics here of the recommended and minimum specs for planet coaster (to show what I've been looking at to work from). And then three laptops I thought looked quite good, plus the one the shop suggested.

What do people think would be best for what I need?

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