Hardware & Technical New LG 27" - Nano IPS/1ms/160Hz/Freesync & G-sync compatible

The new LG 27'' UltraGear 27GL850 has been certified by Nvidia to be G-sync compatible and naturally also comes with Freesync. It's also the first IPS screen (Nano IPS screen) with a 1ms response time. It is HDR 10 compatible.

It's a 144Hz screen that overclocks to 160Hz (lowest apative sync range is currently unknown).
To me this seems like a great 27 inch 1440p candidate to support adaptive sync with both Nvidia & AMD.

You have a Raspberry Pi ?

R5 1500X, Vega 56, 32GB of Crucial 3400 RAM on a MSI B450 Gaming Plus board, some fancy coolers, nice NZXT case, a couple of SSDs,... overall something slightly over 1200 quid. My current monitor, 27" iiyama G-Master 75Hz Freesync is already more expensive than I would find reasonable for this kind of build (it's really nice, though)

But that thing at the top of this page will cost four times as much at least.
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