New Logo, New Discord, New Community, Rapidly Growing! Join us!


Arbor Caelum
is recruiting!
We are a new and rapidly growing squadron dedicated to advancing the skill and knowledge of all of our members. We seek to bring meaning and enjoyment to all that we do in the galaxy through connecting our members with a burgeoning network of like minded pilots. We have a coalition with our sister squadron Gilgamesh Corps, and we share our discord with them. This ensures that our community is a vibrant and active place no matter your schedule. We have just reached 30 members in game and more join us every day!
We feature frequent events with Gilgamesh including impromptu CTF in Arena and organized SLF races. In the future we will be planning these events with grand prizes for the winner!
In our discord you will have access to mentors, infographics and in depth breakdowns of the various aspects of Elite: Dangerous. We also have ambassadors from various other organizations available so non member mentors are present and engaged as well!
Now is an exciting time to be a member of ARCM. We are just starting on our BGS journey, with our very own PMF placed in a system near the starting zones. We have a long war ahead of us until we can say we truly control our own home, but we are sure to win it! If you're interested in meeting us and asking any questions, we can be found here:

And of course we can be found via your cockpit squadron hub by searching "ARCM".
Access to our discord is granted upon Inara membership.
We look forward to flying with you Commander!

Arbor and Ardor
Faction update:
ARCM continues to grow and advance their mission of reclaiming their home! The ranks have grown to 34 pilots flying under the banner! ARCM leadership in the planning stages with sister squadron GLGC for some exciting events!

Come join ARCM and advance liberty and help our community grow!
ARCM continues to achieve victory in our home system, advancing towards our next conflict with our rival faction! After this upcoming victory we will have officially claimed our first large landing pad on a planetary surface! Inquire via our inara page, or direct message here!
Arbor Caelum is searching for any experienced commanders interested in helping plan and coordinate emergent events. Our community is stable and growing, and we hope to enhance the variety of activities available for our members.
If you are new or experienced, Arbor Caelum would love to hear from you!
Our efforts to reclaim our home system continue unabated! Our numbers have been growing along with our might! We know there are many derelict squadrons out there, vacant but for a few steadfast souls. I want to extend our invitation to those wayward commanders, forego your loyalty to the relic establishment you once swore to, they are dust. Join a burgeoning and active group establishing itself as a central force in the bubble!
To all pilots new and old, Arbor Caelum wants you!

Help us seize control of our home system, earn credits and make friends along the way! Our squadron needs the support of active and engaged commanders in order to survive through the war! If you are new or returning, please check us out!
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