*NEW* "Military Stripe" paint pack SPOTTED at FrontierStore.net!

So- A - Team style T9?

*pops cigar in mouth*

Looks good, FD had some decent things added lately. :) Still confused about the complete draught of cmdr customization, and where is my Raider Eagle? :p
... but your Cobra looks pretty darned good as it is..!!

BTW... since I don't recognise it .. pray tell which paint job you DO have on it (in your sig)? O_O
It is the PC Gamer skin, as available from an issue of the magazine at the beginning of 2016.

Safe to say the ship has sailed. I also have the Horizons skins, as also seen on the Mk IV.
So, what graphics mods are you using there?
Afaik, Corlas, it's no "mod" -- I believe this kind of colour scheme / design was "inspired by" the FUEL RATS(?? Anyone correct me, if I'm wrong, please?), in order to add an element of "search / rescue" craft units into the ambience of the game, and as such, the design is not available to players, and only in use by NPCs performing this kind of role.

Most ppl are familiar with "ambulances" being White with Red stripes / elements on them; in the UK, there are also Yellow-with-Green-stripes / elements.
Since Yellow and Green, at a distance, may blend too much, the better contrast against the Red makes more sense.
Besides, it really does look very good in that colour scheme. :D
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