New mining bug?

I was deep core mining for alexandrite when I encountered that the surface deposites on the interior of the asteroid were invincible and did not give chunks. Is this a known bug or what’s going on? This is for all surface deposits, not just this one
sorry for the bad video quality
Did you use the displacement missile on it first to get subsurface deposits? If so, that will have killed the asteroid (which is a bug introduced in the latest patch).
Had the very same issue a couple of days ago but it happened just for a single asteroid where abrasion basters were unable to deattach the chuncks of Void Opals from the opened rock.

So, I just left it behind...
Had exactly the same bug, this is not just with Wings.
  1. Use seismic charges to break the asteroid (success, double blue line, no red).
  2. When the asteroid breaks apart, there are free resources in limpet sized chunks and surface deposits left also.
  3. The surface deposits are completely immune to the abrasion blaster. Point blank all angles, nothing.

    I have had this happen with Alexandrite, Rhodplumsite, Grandidierite perhaps more.
    Logging out is pretty pointless, because you end up in a completely different location and you lose all the floating bits.
    For me this happens in Open mode, but operating as sole miner, not part of a wing.
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