New Odyssey Article - more on planet generation

And, as we mentioned before, that means all the stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way. “We won’t be setting any limits here” stresses Hughes. “Elite Dangerous contains more than 400 billion star systems, and light-atmospheric worlds such as those opened up in Odyssey are found within many of them. Players will also be able to disembark their ships and SRVs [Surface Recon Vehicles] on the non-atmospheric worlds introduced in Horizons [the previous expansion], opening huge opportunities to understand those planets better than ever before.”
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" [...]opening huge opportunities to understand those planets better than ever before. "

Eh.... what is this guy talking about ??

Was hoping for some more info about plans for the current-gen consoles, but still an excellent read nonetheless and I can only hope we see a return of Dr. Kay Ross to the Discovery Scanner series. (y) 🙏
Planet tech info from Dr Ross:

Where before we had a generator for rocky surfaces and one for ice surfaces which both took Stellar Forge inputs, we now have terrains and terrain materials of various different types and scales which are deterministically selected and blended together depending on the Stellar Forge driven properties of that planet.​
Landable planets are still classified between rocky, icy, rocky ice, high metal content and metal rich depending on what emerges from the Stellar Forge simulation, but their terrains are dependent on those simulation values more than these discrete titles. Terrain shapes, styles, and combinations are mixed together, meaning there is a lot of variation within these classes.​
As with everything in Elite Dangerous, the planets are full sized, and so it is a challenge to ensure that the resources we make work on all scales, work with each other, and provide detail all the way from orbit to the surface. I think we’ve done a grand job selling the scale of these things.​
Across a planet there is now a large scale mask processed which determines different zones of types of terrain based. The mask depends on things like how gravitationally stressed the planet is, the crust thickness and if the planet is, or has been, tectonically active. These zones mask out further subzones of terrain and material types, and follow the flow patterns laid out by the layer above it, creating a seamless landscape across the planet.​
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But probably it's rebuy time or a job for Apex Rats. :)

I imagine your suit life support will be limited depending on your upgrade level, since anyone can pick you up I suppose you log out and wait until the rats can get to you, of course there is probably a setting somewhere in your suit interface where you can just open the faceplate to gurgle to death on the local poisonous atmosphere.
Mission/BGS info from Gareth Hughes

Elite Dangerous is a living galaxy with a plethora of minor and major factions vying for influence in the different systems and settlements scattered throughout the galaxy. One of our proudest achievements with Odyssey has been bringing that background simulation to life inside our stations, outposts and beyond.
The influence of the background simulation now manifests itself in a much more physical and human way, from the background chatter between faction NPCs to the tone and thematic presentation of the locations themselves.
One key area where this can be most keenly felt is in the difference obtaining missions; the mission board offers a quick and efficient way to pick up regular missions but engaging with a physical faction representative offers more nuanced missions with greater personality and narrative depth and also the opportunity to barter for a better reward.
this is new info isn't it? or have I missed that
you can get out on any landable planet, I though it was limited by things like gravity?
Yeah I think it's limited by gravity, not sure how that will affect the subset of horizons planets that are above that threshold, whatever it is. I guess it's only a problem on the planets that have existing planet ports we would expect to walk inside?
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