New Odyssey+ user on a high

Hi folks. I've been playing ED ever since the launch date but have waited until now to get the full VR experience. I ordered a Samsung Odyssey+ from Amazon (USA) and ended up paying around £320 all in. It is the first time I've ever donned a VR headset and I have to say that I was completely blown away at my new virtual view of the world.
So, I was keen to set up Steam so that I could see Elite in all its glory. On firing it up, I see a stunning view of my ship, moored in some enormous hanger. But it took me ages to find the console so that I could start the game. I eventually found it - around 3 meters below my feet.
I checked all the settings offered by WMD, such as play boundaries and wot-not, but they all seemed to be set properly. I set it to "Sit still mode" and set the height normally when I was sat comfortably. But it didn't make any difference. When I did eventually get the game to start, I appeared to be several meters above the top of my pilot's head - so it was almost impossible to see the left/right screens.
I even tried centering my play boundary while holding the HMD far above my head and, although it made some improvement, my virtual head height was still far too high.
Incidentally, some very old threads talked about setting height in ED with the F12 key but that doesn't seem to do anything, and there wasn't anything that sounded useful in the ED menu either.
Can someone please tell me what I need to do?
Thanks commanders!
Thanks for that. I'll give it a go in the morning. Is this a common problem, or is it just me/Odyssey+ users?
Rift and Rift S - I have to reset my view every time I start the game, I usually press the button during the Elite Dangerous logo splashscreen as the game is starting. It looks like the game starts orientated to my normal standing view.
Great days are indeed ahead of me - especially now that I don't have to hover 2 metres above my cockpit.
In case anyone else has the same problem as I had, the setting you want is MISCELLANEOUS >>> RESET HMD ORIENTATION. Just set it to some easily accessible key and you're good to go.

My thanks to everyone.
I have it set to my HOTAS pinky trigger.....I like to ensure I’m in the best position at all times.

Enjoy the new VR experience. I went with the original Odyssey as my first ever VR experience and am now a full addict.....despite all of the tweaking that occurs.
Wasn't able to get this deal on when I tried.

If anyone is interested though, I found a deal for the Odyssey + from eGlobal Central (UK) for £232.99 + shipping (I'm in the Highlands, so the shipping was £30, but less remote locations might be cheaper.) £260 odd all-in took me into the too good to miss out on zone, so I bought one yesterday.

They're not a very well known company, but I've used them before for a cheap deal on an Apple Watch, so hopefully all will be fine - it's saying it's been shipped now anyway, so fingers crossed.
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