New Paintjobs

Okay, thanks. I guess I'll buy something and see what it looks like. Shame you can't properly preview the paintjobs before buying.
Not from the cockpit, no. On those ships where you'll see the body panels (i.e. most) you would already see now in the different PJ colour though. Some proper cockpit customisation would certainly be something I'd pay for, but it looks like we're stuck with bobbleheads. Shame.
I just checked in to the frontier store to see if maybe, just maybe they slipped up and put fleet carrier livery up for sale by accident. Nope, nothing. Looks like FDev is on their game lol
Hmmm the discount is live.. my alt account needs a(nother) type 10 and krait skin.. should i break my decision...

Oh wait my main account has 3000 free arx. Yeah frontier need to actually court my wallet not just expect for it to drop in their lap for existing.

Moving on.

Actually.. thats a hell no because they're being stingy and only giving a 30% discount not 40 as per custom. What are they trying to do, milk us?
Anyway, since last sale the only thing decent they've released are the gradient beluga's and the type 9 raider kit.. both not on sale.

Maybe an honorable mention for the asemic courier and dolphin, but im sick of asemic black on my cutter already and dont fly the courier. Oh wait going to need something for imperial eagle... which is an imperial ship and looks amazing out of the box. EDIT: Apparently i have 2 for this already.. midnight black and tactical white. Only good ones imo.. i mean the new ones have the word "RACING" in big letters on the side. /facepalm zero effort.
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...Shame you can't properly preview the paintjobs before buying.
For the PC (not sure about consoles)...
Out of game direct to the Store website is fixed graphics.
In-game Livery shows outfitting type fixed graphics of the player's current ship.
In-game Store the player can view and purchase any ship graphics in a rotating Holo-Me type display.

Looks like 33 percent off on just about everything. I now have the complete collection of pirate red graphics. Heck it's only ARX! :)
I'm going with a nice pair of armored khakis, a light blue button down armored long sleeved shirt, and a stylish fedora nailed to my helmet. Dapper to say the least, as I glide into the happening space club to check out who's spinning... lol
Make sure to wear the hat at an awesome jaunty angle - nothing beats jaunty angled hats!
Wow, and here i was wondering if frontier deserved any money for a carrier ship kit.

At least there have been a few good cosmetics lately.

Not caving. Well really at a stalemate.. what i want to do is get a carrier kit and 2 sale regular skins.. for an alt account. It doesn't work out getting 2 half purchases so at a stale mate.

That's okay. Not spending anything has genuinely made me milder about frontiers development performance.. so to remain positive its probably a win / win to keep spending at zero / low. Its so true that white knights dont support the game financially as im heading back that way myself keeping the wallet shut. As a completely free patch, carriers are.. dare i say.. pretty amazing.
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