PvP New players getting out of pilots federation permit space

Hi everybody. I just wanted to advertise an event for everyone who might like to try Open called Gank Survival Training. It's being hosted by the New Pilots Initiative and is going to be taught by Corky the Great. Please come and find out who we PvPers really are.

18 January
20:00 UTC
Meliae system, meet in supercruise

it would help to look at this video first:
Git Gud Guide to Trading

During the first part of the practice, blowing up will be at a minimum, towards the end, however, there will be explosions so be sure to have rebuys. If you are really poor, friend "Slange Lands" in game and she will share some wing missions with you to cover the cost of rebuys.

The best part of this game, hands down, are the actual human Commanders. We are all space-mad, after all.

Be seeing you.


If you like raccoons, that is a plus.
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